A Review of Microsoft Collections

After a review of user comments on Reddit, YouTube, and the Google Play Store, most positive reviews about the Collections feature on Microsoft Edge cite its usefulness in research and the ability to add notes. Negative reviews are generally concerned with bugs or desired features for Collections, or the fact that users find it redundant to Bookmarks or Favorites.

User Reviews

Positive Reviews

  • One user on Reddit compares Collections to Pinterest, saying: “They’re like Pinterest. The idea is that you can have more than just websites, you can also have images and text. So if you’re planning a room in your house, you can have images of rooms you’d like to base it off of, websites with things you want to buy, and notes with important details about the room.”
  • Another user is happy with their experience with Collections so far, and could be motivated to use it for additional shopping purposes: “I love them for short research projects. For work for for personal stuff like trying to buy and item and comparing them. I’m also playing with the idea of using them for my shopping lists.”
  • Collections seems to be very popular with students completing research: “As a student, Collection has become a central part of my research process. With this feature, I can essentially add all sources and websites I find interesting for my topic in my collection and, when I finished gathering enough sources, I sort them to, in a few words, check if it is useful in my case or not. I can easily open all of my links at once on a separate window easily or just open one by one (btw I don’t know why you have to select twice an item to open an item. A simple select is enough in my case to open a link). It is also incredibly easy to organise all my sources through my different projects. Each collection represents a distinct ongoing project, so I can open a collection for one project and when I switch to another one, I just go to the other collection. As for the distinction between collections and favorites, one of the reasons I use collections only is because I can toggle the view panel easily. The favorite bar is always shown on top and I want to keep my browser as clean as possible. For collections, I can just select the options to see all my sources and also do the same when I want more spaces to read. Also, more information about the source is shown on Collection than Favorites which helps me find one particular link to evaluate for example.”
  • One user had an overall positive experience with Collections and preferred the tool over other competitors. However, they would like for Collections to feature a search function, which, according to a response from Microsoft, is in the works: “I find the Collections feature to be a near-perfect solution for managing/organizing large amount of bookmarks (and I’ve bounced around from various solutions including the Toby and Qlearly extensions to the Pocket and Raindrop apps). The only thing Collections is missing (at least from what I can tell so far) is a search functionality.”
  • For some users, the Collections function is a main driver in utilizing Edge: “Been using it for a short time (since I made the switch from Chrome to Chromium Edge) and like others said, it is a great tool for saving bookmarks. Very intuitive, you can expand folders and view them without opening bookmark manager, you write notes for yourself like a synopsis or heads up, it syncs across devices…Definitely a unique and useful tool. One of the big reasons to switch to Chromium Edge.”
  • Another user loves that you can add visual elements or bits of text in Collections: “I use it as modern version of bookmark. Since you can drag drop image to it, it makes the bookmark becomes easier to remember what is it.”
  • One user really enjoyed the Collections feature of the Edge browser: “The best browser by far. Useful like the Collection, Read out loud and News drawer. The news drawer — always available whenever I feel like wanting to have a quick peek on headlines before getting the momentum to start work. And they are there without getting in my way. The Collection — love it, love it, love it!”
  • Another user also notes Collections as a reason for using Edge: “Nice browser. The features I like about this browser is reading mode, read aloud, collections and the privacy controls. Thanks Microsoft.”
  • One user loves Collections and would use it more for shopping if there was a price tracking feature: “The collections feature is incredible. Love how it has a pane that stays visible even when you change tabs. It should also have a price tracking feature for tracking and notifying of price drops.”
  • Another user really loves Collections for research and reading lists: “I am so happy I made a quick switch of browser. Using Collections, I can easily organize pages and topics I’m researching about or things I just want to read.”

Negative Reviews

  • One user was frustrated with Collections, stating that it seemed redundant to the favorites function: “Duplicate function which is completely unnecessary. There is no reason to have collections, while we have favorites. They could just add favorites side bar not additional storage to be managed. And then there is still no proper tap, history sync.”
  • Another user noted that Collections with too many entries become hard to manage: “Useful for very short term projects. Card design takes way too much screen space and only works with visual content. More than 10-15 entries and it feels less and less efficient imo.”
  • One user, despite enjoying Collections overall, was nervous about their Collections not being able to be saved or backed up if the user had to uninstall Edge for any reason: “I’ve been using Edge’s “Collections” feature, but after searching online, I haven’t been able to find anything about methods for backing them up. In fact, one of the few things I found was someone saying s/he had had to re-install Windows, and found that although Edge had saved her bookmarks, it had not saved her collections (even though sync was turned on). I do like working with collections, but at least with Chrome, I can periodically back up all my favorites to an HTML file, just in case. And I’m a little wary of using Collections further if there really is no way of backing up.”
  • One user experienced this loss of their Collections first-hand, and it was such a negative experience that they moved away from using the Edge browser entirely: “I really liked the feature where you could put all your tabs aside to save pages or come back to it later and because I enjoyed it I keep a lot of the pages I frequent or have unfinished business on in my collection. Microsoft edge just forced an update and because of this update I lost my collections. If anybody knows of a way to get this back please let me know. I dont think I’ll ever be using edge again as that was the feature that kept me coming back and it ended up doing much more harm than good putting my faith in edge.”
  • One user has tried to use Collections multiple times, but has not found a good use for it: “Collections was marketed as a ground-breaking feature when launched, but it hasn’t seen much development since and still feel like a half-baked version of bookmarks. I can’t get much use out of it even after trying many times. Using as reading list — It still only saves web links and not the offline text like the reading list feature in edge legacy. Using as saved sessions — It works well but still takes two more clicks than edge legacy. Using as repository of links — It doesn’t have enough organizing capabilities as bookmarks, becomes cluttered very quickly, no sorting, can’t move entries among different collections, can’t archive items/collections like in pocket which is miles ahead in this use case. There are some good things like attaching notes to a link, sync with mobile etc. but there are other better services in the market that don’t try to be jack of all trades.”
  • Another user notes a similar experience struggling to find a good use for Collections: “I still don’t see how this is anything but bookmarks. Okay you can export, but doesn’t really look too impressive. You can take notes, but I would rather take make notes in OneNote. I get the point of not cluttering up the bookmark bar, but even there I can have folders, so my intensively used bookmark bar is super clean already. And those tips for savin the parameters of google searches and so on, they all apply to bookmarks as well. Always have been. I would like to get excited about collections, but I still don’t manage to see the point.”
  • While for some users Collections is one of the reasons they switch to the Edge browser, for other users it is a detractor: “Pros: Fast Chrome replacement. LastPass compatible. Cons: The main menu is not innovative, just different and annoying. Edge-specific features aren’t a value add, they distract from privacy, chromium compatibility and desktop pc unification. Junky clutter = Collections, Rewards, Honey, Newsguard, Reading List, Shopping. Lose this affiliate garbage and stop trying to be different with the main menu, and this becomes a drop in replacement for Chrome and Google’s Ad ID policies.”
  • One user enjoys Collections, but has noted that navigating within Collections can be challenging: “Overall good. It is a bit cumbersome with collections. I mean, you have to push 3 times to get to the specific collection. It would be better if you can scroll on the first collection menu.”
  • Some users would like to disable Collections completely and stick with tools such as Bookmarks: “I switched from the terrible new Firefox release and I’m happy with the browser. I wish that I could turn off collections, the tech companies think it’s a great idea. I’m not sure most would agree. It’s just clutter, bookmarks work just fine.”
  • Another user notes that they find Collections useless: “It let’s you browse the tinterweb. Favourites sync to you Microsoft account, don’t use collections as I have favourites so it’s a bit redundant.”

Third-Party Reviews

Third-party reviews focused exclusively on Collections were relatively limited, with most reviews focused on the Edge browser overall. Reviewers of Collections did note that they enjoyed being able to add notes to Collections, as well as the ability to export Collections to other programs.

David Benaim

  • David Benaim is a YouTube influencer focused on reviewing computer applications and tools, especially tools for working from home. He is based out of Cambodia and has 2.21K subscribers.
  • He recommends using Edge for shopping, keeping up to date on recent news, planning travel, keeping up to date on work, monitoring published content on the internet, research and more. He states that Collections is superior to Favorites for short-term projects or recurring projects.
  • According to Benaim, positives about Collections include being able to add selected images or text to the Collection, the ability to add notes, and the ability to open all pages in a Collection in one click. He also likes the exporting abilities to email, Excel (especially for comparison shopping), and Word.
  • While Benaim likes Collections overall, and enjoys the export features, he does note that there is a bit of “unpredictability” when it comes to which items will be included in an export, and that the formatting, especially for exporting to Word, is not organized. He also notes that once a Collection is exported, the exported document (Word, Excel, or email) will not update automatically even if more things are added to the Collection on Microsoft Edge.


  • They recommend using Collections to organize research, especially while working from home, organize recipes, and for shopping.
  • The reviewer likes that Collections can sync from computer to mobile and that users can add notes. The reviewer uses Collections in lieu of favorites. Additionally, specifically for shopping, the review likes the compare price feature in Collections and utilizes the feature when shopping for gifts.
  • The reviewer finds no negatives with the Collections feature.


  • In July, Ed Bott published a review of Microsoft Edge for ZDNet, which included a very positive review of Collections.
  • Bott recommends using Collections as a replacement for Favorites/bookmarks, as it is more useful.
  • Bott called Collections “the single most underrated feature in the new Edge.” He cited Collections features such as being able to add chunks of text or images to Collections, the ability to reorganize a Collection easily, and the ability to export the Collection to Word, Excel, or OneNote.
  • Bott did not note any negatives with Collections.

Phillip Tracy

  • Phillip Tracy wrote a review of Collections for the Best Buy blog, calling it a tool that could “get [them] to ditch Chrome.” The review was written in 2019, as Collections was just being released.
  • Tracy primarily recommends using Collections for comparison shopping, as well as for research.
  • Tracy enjoys the ability to add selected pieces of text, as well as the ability to add notes and export Collections to Excel or Word.
  • The reviewer did not note any negatives with Collections, and stated that they looked forward to more features being added to Collections.
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