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Learn how to succeed in the digital economy

We’re passionate about waking people up and opening people’s eyes to the alternatives that are available digitally.

The rapid pace of digital change has put companies in the unenviable position of trying to decide which tech trends to invest in and when. All too often, much-touted “revolutionary” innovations offer only incremental benefits at best; at worst, they are a costly distraction. The right technologies, however, can be incredibly valuable, driving customer satisfaction and possibly even providing a sustainable competitive advantage.

Faster than anyone really expected, we have become fully immersed in a digital lifestyle. We would sooner leave our homes without our wallets than without our cell phones. TiVo has changed the way we watch television. Our music buying and listening habits have been completely altered by iTunes and the like. E-mail reaches us no matter where we travel. More and more homes are outfitted not only with broadband connections but also with wireless networks. We have become always-on, always-connected people.

The digital life is pieced together from many parts, which we’re attempting to assemble in this awesome blog. ENJOY!


Here’s how we come up with our beautiful posts that help you chase that digital lifestyle.

Strategy Scoping

initial research to confirm that information on the project is available.

Sourcing & Analysis

.Apply advanced research techniques to scour publicly indexed sources.

Knowledge Assembly

Research undergoes a series of quality checks then compiled into a brief.

Research Delivery

Great research is curated and published in our blog on a daily basis

our TEAM

Meet the team behind this beautiful blog; our small team of analysts with intellect and fact-finding skills who bring you the knowledge to chase the digital lifestyle you want.


Glenn Trevor

Research Lead


Marylyne Ghati

Senior Strategiest


Leonard Tete

Research Manager


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Customer Success Agent