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In the past 18 months, Alexis Ohanian has been a part of numerous interviews and talk shows. He has also written articles for popular media portals about the need for laws to support paid paternity leave for American fathers.

Alexis Ohanian Met Ivanka Trump

  • An article published in the Bloomberg Quint in October 2019 reported that Ivanka Trump, daughter and advisor of Donald Trump, met with Alexis Ohanian as part of the push by the tech entrepreneur to promote paid paternity leave.
  • The article also stated that Ohanian met with Ivanka “as part of a trip to lobby for federal legislation that would provide additional paid leave for mothers and fathers.


  • An article from Forbes reported about the initiatives taken by Alexis Ohanian to promote paternity leave in America and to make it “the law of the land.” The article mentioned that “Ohanian, along with Dove Men+Care, will join the non-profit Paid Leave US (PL+US) and head to Capitol Hill for a Dads’ Day of Action to raise awareness for paid parental leave.”
  • Additionally, the article also stated that “Ohanian is not only a doting dad but someone who recognized the cultural significance and impact of destigmatizing his leave.” The Forbes article quoted Ohanian; “When I was born in 1983, my father took a single day off work. He used a vacation day…I don’t blame my dad, or anybody else’s dad, for not taking time off after a child’s birth. Our culture makes it difficult.”

An Emotional Essay by Alexis Ohanian

  • An article published in the Huffington Post in August 2019 talked about an emotional essay written by Alexis Ohanian and was posted on NYT Parenting, a beta site of the New York Times.
  • In the essay, Ohanian wrote, “The United States is the only industrialized country that doesn’t mandate some form of paid family leave.” After talking about his experiences as a new dad and his bond with his daughter, Ohanian said in the essay, “We need a federal bill that mandates quality paid family leave for everyone — birth parents, adoptive parents and caregivers alike,” he also stated that men should tell their bosses why they need paternity leave.

The FOX Business Interview

  • Alexis Ohanian, in an interview with FOX Business, said, “it was only after the birth of our daughter and the complications my wife faced that I realized just how important it was for every American to have access to it, we have every advantage imaginable, and this was still a traumatic time.”
  • In the interview, Ohanian also stated that he’d like to see “six months of federally mandated paid family leave for every American — a demand that he believes is in the realm of possibility.”

The CNN Interview

  • In an interview with CNN, Ohanian talked about the changes in his life after becoming a father and how paternity leave is a national issue. Alexis Ohanian said that having “happy workers, who are investing in their own families, also helps a company’s bottom line and what it’s ultimately going to mean for the organization is a way healthier, better functioning organization.”
  • The tech entrepreneur also said that “he would love to see DC get something done on this issue.” He also gave his opinion on how this is a national issue and is not something exclusive to the tech industry; he said, “Why can’t we get something accomplished legislatively because I don’t just want this to be part of the tech industry, I want this to be something everyone can use.”

The Fast Company Article

  • Alexis Ohanian wrote an article for the Fast Company, in which he talked about the current state of paid paternity leave in the country and the stigma associated with it. The article said, “fathers must feel empowered to take paternity leave, and our society needs to normalize it.”
  • In the article, Ohanian also pointed out that “along with business leaders who stand up for their employees, we need advocates in government, (such as Delaware Representative Lisa Blunt Rochester) who recognize the important role legislation holds in supporting a family.” Alexis Ohanian also feels that the stigma attached to paternity leave needs to be eradicated for the empowerment of fathers; he said, “We need to change the way we as a culture think about paternity leave and empower fathers to embrace it as a right they are entitled to, and not a career choice they have to make.”

The NPR Interview

  • In August 2019, “NPR’s Michel Martin spoke with Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian about his article in The New York Times advocating for increased paternity leave.”
  • In the interview, Martin asked Ohanian about his views on paternity leave and the stigma attached to it, to which Ohanian replied, “Well, there is a stigma around it, and as a leader within the organization, I wanted to give cover for everyone – men and women – to take full advantage of the policy because, at the end of the day, I think that that stigma remains until enough of us – and then I do mean in particular like male executives – can lead by example and show that we can take this time, be away from the office, be there for our families and still be just as driven, still be just as motivated and not have it be perceived as a weakness.”


  • In conversation with InStyle, Alexis Ohanian said that “the fight for paternity leave is a feminist fight,” and he also stated that “these old-fashioned stereotypes about gender and parenting have led employers to assume men with children will work harder, and women with children will work less — and women ultimately pay for it.”
  • Alexis Ohanian also told InStyle that “by advancing our policies for paid parental leave and providing more support and resources, such as publicly funded high-quality childcare for new parents, we can help find a balance between work and life for moms and dads, and in turn, help moms advance in their careers and achieve their own successes.”


  • In September 2020, Alexis Ohanian posted on Twitter about an article that he wrote for Fast Company about the stigma against men taking paternity leave.
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