Best Companies that Will Financially Support Your Mid-Market Fintech Business in the U.S.

The ten private equity companies from New York that financially support mid-market fintech businesses in the USA are H.I.G. Capital, Aquiline Capital Partners, Motive Capital Management,Napier Park Financial Partners, Stripes Group, AGI Partners, Spotlight Equity Partners, Greycroft, Bain Capital Private Equity, and Centana Growth Partners.


H.I.G Capital is a private equity firm that disposes of $28 billion of equity capital. It is founded in 1993 and since then has invested in more than 300 businesses. H.I.G Capital has headquarters in Miami, New York, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Atlanta. It operates in both the USA and Europe. The firm seeks to invest in mid-sized businesses that have between $10 million and $100 million in revenues. It is focused on investing in technology-enabled financial and business services. The company has funded World Wide Payment System and Fidelity Payment Services.


Aquiline Capital Partners is a private equity firm from New York, founded in 2005. The company invests in financial services within industries such as investment management, banking, credit, insurance, and financial technology. By now, it has invested $2.4 billion in 38 middle-market financial services businesses throughout North America and Europe. The company funded Clear2Pay and Ascensus, which represents a savings services provider.


Motive Capital Management, LLC is a New York-basedprivate equity firm, founded in 2016. It is investing in next-generation technology-enabled companies that fuel the financial services industry. The company mostly invests in established businesses that recorded a meaningful ROI, have an established customer base, and are well-positioned on their market. Thus, the company invests in mid-market businesses that satisfy these criteria. It has funded Globalshares, a software for stocks and equity plans, and lmrkts that offers financial and operational risk mitigation services.


Napier Park Financial Partners is a private equity subsidiary of Napier Park Global Capital, a global alternative asset management company that has more than $9 billion in assets. It is based in New York and founded in 2001. The company solely supports high growth companies that offer financial and technological solutions and have more than $5 million in revenues. It funded Bluefin Payment Systems and, an accounting software company.


Stripes Group is a growth equity firm from New York. It is founded in 2008. The firm invests between $10-$150 million in internet, software, healthcare,IT, and branded consumer products businesses. The company hasn’t specified what is the size of the businesses they invest in, thus, we concluded it supports mid-market businesses, too. It funded Refinery29, a digital media company, and GoFundMe that is a crowdfunding platform. Thus, it is clear that it invests in companies that are offering or developing technology to support or enable banking and financial services.


AGI Partners, LLC is New York-based private equity firm that invests between $1 million and $30 million in source 7seed/startup, early venture, middle market, later stage, mature, turnaround, and emerging growth stages. The companies must have between $20 million and $500 million in revenues in order to get funded.
It offers mezzanine and distressed/vulture investments, bridge financing, balance sheet recapitalizations, growth capital, acquisitions financings, buy-and-build strategies, industry consolidations, and management buyouts. The company hasn’t noted in what kind of industries it invests in, thus, we assume that it invests in all types of businesses that satisfy the revenue criterion. It funded One Inc, a platform that offers financial services. Thus, it is clear that AGI Partners invests in technologically-enabled financial institutions.


Spotlight Equity Partners is a New York-based private equity firm, founded in 2007. It invests in technology-enabled services throughout the USA and Canada. It offers $5-$50 million of equity capital per deal while having an overage of $250 million in investable capital. The company funded iCongo, a movement that discusses social and political issues, and Nicus Software for IT management.


Greycroft is a private equity firm that is founded in 2006 in New York. The company invests in both Greycroft Venture, which is a $256 million venture fund, and Greycroft Growth II that represents a $365 million growth-stage fund. It supports businesses at every stage of their development with investments of $10 million up to $35 million. The company funded Acrons, an investing platform, and Azimo, a money transfer platform.


Bain Capital Private Equity is founded in 1984 and has an office in New York. The company focuses on growing startups, but also on multiple sorts of industries and business stages. It invests in buyouts, expansion financing for growing companies, early-stage venture, leveraged acquisitions, middle market financing, growth capital investments, going private transactions, industry consolidations, special situations, turnaround, joint ventures, and corporate divestitures.
In regard to the type of industries, the company mostly invests in software, database development and management, power generation, direct marketing, dining, financial services, credit services, telecommunication services, and information technology. It has funded Concardis, a payment service provider and WorldPay that is a payment platform.


Centana Growth Partners is a New York-based private equity firm that invests in rapidly growing companies in financial services, fin-tech and enterprise technology sectors. The company has funded Quantitative Brokers, a financial technology company that provides data-driven analytics and Alaia Capital, a private equity company.

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