Supply Chain Digital, Procurement Professionals, Supply Chain 24/7, Supply Management,,, and Purchasing & Supply Magazine are some examples of places a manufacturing purchasing manager or sourcing specialists might go for work-related information.

1. Supply Chain Digital:

  • Supply Chain Digital is a “Procurement & Supply Chain Platform,” that comprises the World’s No.1 magazine for procurement, logistics & supply chain information as well as an innovative website and newsletter for information on procurement, logistics & supply chain.
  • The platform is known to provide the latest news for Procurement, Logistics, Purchasing & Supply Chain Executives. Supply Chain Digital also features relevant articles, keynote interviews, and insights related to procurement, logistics, purchasing & supply chains.
  • Supply Chain Digital Magazine is helpful for purchasing managers or sourcing specialists to know about how the “experts are navigating the changing face of Global Supply Chain, Logistics, Purchasing & Procurement.

2. Procurement Professionals:

  • It is the #1 LinkedIn “open networking group” where news related to supply chain management can be shared and found.
  • The platform also provides business information, HR & career networking, and is suitable for job search & job posts related to purchasing or procurement and supply chain management.
  • The Procurement Professional is a LinkedIn group that comprises more than 400,000 members. Purchase managers or sourcing specialists can also connect to recruiters and head hunters through this group across the world.

3. SupplyChain247

  • Supply Chain 24/7 provides the latest news, reports, case studies, white papers, webcasts, research, and other relevant information, related to the supply chain industry directly from industry experts.
  • It provides relevant “must-know” supply chain-related information to Purchasing Managers or Sourcing Specialists and the overall supply chain community. Also, the website provides relevant articles, blogs, and videos for supply chain professionals.
  • According to its website, SupplyChain24/7 “features content from over 1,500 supply chain, logistics, technology, and distribution center based companies.”

4. Supply Management:

  • It is the “official media outlet of the Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply (CIPS).” Supply Management provides all the latest news related to procurement & supply chain as well as other information, including job postings and thought leadership for industry professionals.
  • The Supply Management portfolio includes a regular magazine and a website that contains updated daily news and “opinion and exclusive content“, along with access to over 15,000 articles.
  • Additionally, Supply Management connects 200,000 procurement and supply influencers from 150 countries through a global network.

5. Purchasing & Supply Magazine:

  • This is a bi-monthly publication that offers specialized content for purchasing and supply professionals.
  • Each issue of Purchasing & Supply Magazine provides “practical advice and informative articles from experts and practitioners around the world.” It also provides information on technical applications, best practices, case studies, and more.

 6. eSourcing Forum:

  • A “procurement blog” that provides information on procurement and supply from the “e-commerce standpoint.
  • Iasta is the author and editor of the eSourcing Forum. A wide range of procurement-related subjects can be found through this blog.
  • Purchasing managers or sourcing specialists can easily “navigate through free text search alongside links to other valuable internet resources.”


  • A US-based procurement blog that was started in 1992. It provides information related to procurement and supply chain.
  • According to its website, the blog has connected about five million users with top sellers in the industry.
  • is meant to help procurement officers in making smart buying decisions and it has “positioned itself as an essential resource and first stop in the B2B purchasing process.
  • Their content is accessible online, and no subscription is needed. Content is published on a monthly basis.

8.  Sourcing Innovation:

  • This is a procurement blog that provides information related to procurement, sourcing, and supply management.
  • Sourcing Innovation covers content related to best practices, education, and more. Industry professionals from procurement, sourcing, and supply management can rely on this blog to get comprehensive information relevant to their profession.

9. Next Level Purchasing Association (NLPA):

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