Best Trip Itinerary for a Ten-Day Road Trip in Montana/Wyoming During the Month of July

There is a lot to view and explore in Montana/Wyoming in a seven to ten day road trip. The Yellowstone National Park along with many outdoor activities around Red Lodge Montana and the Absaroka Ranges feature moderate to intense outdoor activities for the summer month. Below is an eight-day trip overview, assuming the trip began at Red Lodge Montana, which is closest to the Blue Sky Cabin, where the first four days of the trip shall be spent while exploring nearby areas and attraction sites.

Day 2

  • Blue Sky Red Lodge Montana has six cabins offering unique amenities, including a gas BBQ grill, a DVD & Blu-ray player, air-conditioning, and complimentary mountain bikes or snow shoes, among others. The ‘Forget Me Not Cabin’ is the “only cabin with a private Hot Tub Haus!” while the ‘Granite Cabin’ offers the most impressive view of the surrounding, making it the ideal cabin to wake up from on Day 2 of the trip.
  • Spend a few early morning hours taking a quiet walk among the lodge’s Aspen spanning about 44 acres and breathe the fresh mountain air. The lodge also provides a pond that nests geese and sandhill cranes and sometimes a black bear swims across.
  • There is a lot of wildlife in and around the lodge and with the help of Swarovski spotting scopes visitors have seen many animals and birds, including “gray wolves, whitetail deer, elk, moose, black bear, red fox, coyotes, weasel, mink, muskrat, great horned owls & screech owls, ring-necked pheasants,” etc.
  • In the afternoon and evening, one can take mountain bike from the lodge to nearby trails into the Beartooth Wilderness. The mountain bikes are included at no additional costs for Blue Sky guests and are meant for use within its local trail. Overall, spending the first night and second day at Blue Sky cabins and exploring the nearby attraction sites can be quite relaxing and fulfilling for the second day, while planning for more activities ahead.

Day 3

  • Fly fishing adventures at nearby lakes and rivers can occupy much of day three. Stillwater Anglers is one of the leading provider of fly fishing related. Equally, it is situated within 50 miles to access the region’s top cold water trout rivers, such as Stillwater River, Yellowstone River, and Bighorn River.
  • Full day and half day fishing activities provided with full day fishing activities at Stillwater and Yellowstone rivers costing $550 and $600 at Bighorn River. The price includes lunch, a shuttle, full gear, and a tackle.
  • Half day is charged at $450 and requires visitors to come with snacks and foods. There is a lot to enjoy while fly fishing as the Stillwater River is 70 miles long and starts “south of the Beartooth Mountains, flows northeast between the Absaroka mountain range, and passes through Nye and Absarokee.” Fly fishing on this river offers the grander views of the Montana Mountain.
  • Common fish caught in this expedition include rainbows and browns. While the river features heavy rapids, navigation should be done by experienced river guides only. Once done fly fishing, once can head back to Blue Sky Cabins for a second night due to the river’s close proximity to MT 78 route and the cabins.

Day 4

  • The Absaroka River Adventures provides “personalized, high quality river rafting trips on the Stillwater and Yellowstone Rivers.” Located just 19.4 miles from Blue Sky Cabins, the Absaroka River Adventures claims to be the only rafting company that floats the upper section of the Stillwater River.
  • The company offers only half day trips and full day during the month of June. Charges for upper Stillwater River are $60 for adults and $40 for children. Likewise, the charges for rafting at the middle/lower Stillwater River are $55 for children and $35 for children.
  • Vacationers get to enjoy various activities on the rivers, including the ‘Superman Float’ through a big wave, along with other exciting activities like cliff jumping or swimming. The river also features many rapids that make the rafting more exciting and attention grabbing.
  • After the rafting experience, a trip back to Blue Sky Cabins along highway 78 provides ample scenery for a relaxing trip. The ever-changing sky coupled with the beautiful views of the Beartooth Mountains, valleys, foothills, and peaks. With lots of activities around the Montana highway 78, the first four days can be spent at the Blue Sky Cabins, since they are centrally located and offer ample viewing space of the surrounding.

Day 5

  • With a taste of the various attraction sites in the area from fly fishing, wildlife viewing, trailing, and nature walks, day four should involve some challenging activities such as rock climbing. Beartooth Mountain Guides Inc., offers basic rock craft, intermediate, and advanced ranging from $250 to $325 per person per day.
  • Basic and intermediate crafts begin with 1 day outings at easy to reach crags within the Red Lodge area. These crafts are made to be “instructive, progressive and physically challenging.” The Beartooth Mountain Guides provide “climbing shoes, harnesses, helmets, ropes, and the requisite hardware” — making this outing a memorable way to get acquainted with rock climbing skills and techniques.
  • The Beartooth Mountain Guides offers a new and highly physically engaging activity. It is a great opportunity to explore high-intensity activities that make the road trip memorable. There is still plenty of scenery to enjoy in the rock climbing areas, including the scenery along America’s most beautiful drive along the Beartooth highway, such as Absaroka and Beartooth Mountain peaks and lakes.
  • The distance from Blue Sky Cabins to Beartooth Mountain Guides location is about 18.5 miles; however, this new venture provides an opportunity to vacate the Blue Sky Cabins and search for other cabins in new locations while continuing with the road trip. After the climbing adventure at Red Lodge, it is time to hit the road south to the next cabin rental — Cooke City Sinclair & Cabins, which is about 50 miles from Red Lodge Montana.

Day 6

Day 7 & 8

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