There are a variety of public and private campsites available in the Seattle region from October 2-4 for reservation. Among the options are state parks (Dash Point, Kitsap Memorial, and others) and a selection of private campsites with notably high reviews or recommendations and potentially desirable features (such as being located on or near family farms). The available campsites are ordered according to proximity to Seattle.

1. Hollyhock Farm Forest Retreat

2. Anderson’s Bambooland

3. Dash Point State Park

4. Kitsap Memorial Park

5. Tranquil Acres

6. Evergreen Rooster Yard

  • The Evergreen Rooster Yard consists of two sequestered campsites on an open rooster yard. The roosters are free range in the daytime and can be “good entertainment.” It has 100 percent positive recommendations from 13 reviews.
  • The cost is $30 a day with $10 in fees through Hipcamp.
  • The Evergreen Rooster Yard is within 8 miles of Kitsap Memorial Park, which it itself less than 28 miles from Seattle.

7. The Overlook

  • The Overlook is a single campsite located at Camp Forever Young. It is located in a clearing by the edge of the woods next to a pond on a 20-acre homestead. It has 100 percent positive recommendations from 4 reviews.
  • The Overlook is available for booking on the requested dates. It costs $50 per night.
  • The Overlook is located less than 6 miles from Kitsap, which is within 28 miles of Seattle.

8. Upper Lone Creek

9. Fern Gully

10. Sequim Bay State Park

11. Belfair State Park

12. Bay View State Park

13. Alternative options

Research Strategy

With the request specified to only include sites with reservations available, the research team expanded the search slightly beyond 50 miles to better include available state parks. Additional campsites were gathered from a reputable camping website (Hipcamp) to include private campsites that are compliant with COVID-19 safety measures.



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