Canadian Advertisements for Cough and Cold Products

There are 20 examples of advertisements aimed at Canadian consumers. Category one has four examples, category two has two examples, category three has four examples, category four has four examples and category five has three examples. There are also three examples in French.

Category One — Sore Throat, Fever, Headache, or Muscle Aches

Tylenol has two ads, One is a print ad from Strategy Online magazine and the second is a Facebook video. Advil has a Facebook video and a print magazine coupon offer.


Location — Strategy Online Magazine — December 2016Tylenol Tuck you in

Location — Facebook December 2017

Tylenol - Video Cold and Flu


Advil Canada Facebook Page — Video Feb 2018

Smart Canucks Print Ad — January 2017

  • This ad provided coupons in the magazine to be cut out and to be downloaded from the online version.

Advil Canada Coupons

Category Two — Decongestion of a runny or stuffy nose

The only product with any information that was relevant to this request is Sudafed. One of their product web pages highlighted the different kinds of pain it can alleviate and the second is a header on their YouTube channel.

Sudafed — Canadian Website — Current

Sudafed Sinus Relief

Sudafed — YouTube Channel Header

Sudafed YouTube Channel

Category Three — Soothing a cough

Buckley’s has a subway ad and a website ad for its award-winning ad campaign. Robitussin has a Facebook video and an ad in a flyer.


  • To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Buckley’s brand, an award-winning campaign demonstrated just how those awful-taste faces have looked over the past century.
  • The result was “101 ads that take Canadians all the way back to the beginning of Buckley’s, one awful-tasting spoonful at a time. “

Location — Toronto Subway

  • The campaign was in-market for two months beginning in October 2019, dominating full subway train interiors along Toronto’s busiest subway line (Yonge/University).

Buckley Subway Ad

Location — Buckley Website

  • They also created digital initiatives that drove people to the Buckley’s website which presents a gallery of 101 pictures that engages Canadians

Buckley's Website Ad



Robitussin Honey

Facebook Video 

Robitussin Canada Facebook

Category Four — Combined Remedies for Multiple Symptoms

  • This category has two ads for Buckley’s. One is a video from their video channel and the other is from their Facebook page. Vick’s DayQuil has a video from YouTube. NyQuil has a link to three similar videos on Facebook from a 2016 campaign. One of the videos is still the most popular on the site.

Buckley’s Liquid Cold and Flu Gels — Vimeo

  • A video was posted on Vimeo in 2018. It is one of many Buckley videos on the channel. A screenshot of the opening is shown below.

Buckley's Pill Video

Buckley’s Canada Facebook Page

  • A six-second video shows Buckley’s cough syrup being thrown at, and sticking to a wall with the tag line “Stick it to 7 cold & flu symptoms with Buckley’s Complete + Mucus”

Buckley Works on Seven Symptoms

Vicks Nyquil — YouTube

  • Vicks has a video on YouTube which can be seen here. It was released in June 2017. A screenshot is shown below.


Vicks DayQuil — Facebook

  • One of three similar videos can be seen on the Vicks Canada Facebook page. All three videos are paintings with an audio overlay of a person coughing.

Natural Remedies

Three natural remedies, Cold-FX from a magazine, Echinaforce Sore Throat Spray from a third party Facebook page and Jameson Flu Shield from their campaign “Purity is Priceless” are shown below.


Echinaforce Sore Throat Spray

 Echinaforce Sore Throat Spray

Jameson Flu Shield

  • This visual was published in the magazine Media in Canada with an article concerning Jameson’s second campaign on “Purity is Priceless”.

Jameson "Purity is Priceless" campaign

En Francais

  • A French video advertisement for Advil can be seen here.
  • Otrivin’s website page in French can be seen here.
  • A French YouTube advertisement for Echinaforce Sore Throat Spray can be seen here.
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