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The primary goal of a career day is to give the students more in-depth information on what they want to do as adults, using career-focused programs and familiarizing with various professions in various domains.

The goal of career day

  • The goal of a career day for elementary, middle school and high school students is to help students familiarize with many professions/careers whereas, for college students, this event serves as workshops for the young job seekers and supports them in finding a profession that suits them.
  • A career day is intended to give the students more in-depth about what they want to do as adults, using career-focused programs.
  • The career day event objective is to give students an up-close-and-personal view of an array of occupations, which can broaden their perspectives beyond classic, familiar jobs such as teacher or firefighter along with information on what skills and education are required for the industries and fields they have interest in.
  • According to Scholastic.com, the goal of career day events is to provide students with an up-close view of possible career paths and also get parents actively involved in their child’s school by participating in career day. Career day can also help students value their education as they see its application in their future.


  • The essential logistics of the carer day includes planning for the location, transportation needs, size of the event, date of the event and preliminary budgeting.
  • When planning for the career day, the following logistics are to be taken care:
    • Set a date and venue: The date and location of the career day should be preplanned and pre-booked to avoid last-minute hassles.
    • Decide style and size: Workout on the scale of the career day with expected participation headcount and theme of the day.
    • Coordinate rooms: Based on the theme and presentation style, determine how many classrooms will be available to use including common areas such as the library, cafeteria and computer lab.
    • Decide and confirm presenters at least a month before the career day, the details and confirmation from the presenters are essential.
    • Form an organizing committee: To manage the overall arrangements, it is vital to form an organizing committee and include students too.
    • Set up a hospitality room
    • Procure giveaways/sponsored gifts: Include giveaways and appeal sponsors with branding options(Source 3)
    • Advertise-Decide on the media and advertisement options-fliers, banners, pamphlets, local media and others based on budget.
  • According to the career day budgetary planning of KCAD institute of Ferris State University, the average budget for organizing a career day is around $4,000.
  • The Build Your Future Organization estimates that based on the scale of the event, the preliminary budget of organizing a career day can be approximately $24,000. Hence, the estimated cost of organizing a career day can range from $4,000 to $24,000, based on the scale of the event.

Effectiveness of the events

  • Through a career day feedback survey conducted by BYF organization, it was found that 80% of the respondents got more interested after learning about careers in construction, after attending a career day event. 61% viewed construction careers more favorable after the event and 30% would like to pursue a career in construction after attending the event.
  • Most of the feedback from students gathered by the Portland Workforce Alliance Organization on reasons why students love career day is generally positive. With some respondent describing career day as very informative and engaging. Some said career day has helped them in choosing a career path take and what to study in college.


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