Community Groups in Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin

There are almost a dozen community groups, centers or organizations in Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin.

List of Whitefish Bay Groups

  • The Merchants of Whitefish Bay represents over 100 businesses and property owners in the area. Its executive director is Katie Hafsoos-Commer and can be reached through her email, There is no phone number for her or the group listed on their website. A separate website lists her phone number as 414-332-1008.
  • Whitefish Bay Civic Foundation states it “shall operate exclusively for charitable, scientific, civic improvement, literary and/or educational purposes.” Their website recommends using email to communicate,, and no one particular board member is listed as the contact person, nor is an administrative contact provided. The foundation’s president is Tom Gleason, and its vice president is Rob Lesinski.
  • The Whitefish Bay Education Foundation promotes education programs for the local school district and schools. There is no contact nor contact information for the foundation other than a form that they request be filled out.
  • The email for the Whitefish Bay Garden Club is No further contact information is provided.
  • Carin Keland is the director of the Lydell Community Center. Her contact information is 414-963-3888 and
  • The Whitefish Bay Women’s Club aims “to be helpful and useful to the community”, and “offers friendship, camaraderie and support to members, as well as scholarships and other philanthropic support.” While there is not a primary contact, the phone number listed is 414-332-7781.
  • North Shore Junior Women’s Club “is a club for women at least 21 years old from Milwaukee’s North Shore who wish to provide service to their community and to grow culturally, intellectually, and socially.” The contact listed is Jennifer Shevey and her contact information is 414-916-6588; email at
  • Dedicated to researching and preserving the history of the Village of Whitefish Bay, Carol Crigbaum, the president of the Whitefish Bay Historical Society, may be reached at 414-332-1018, and her email is
  • The Harry & Rose Samson Family Jewish Community Center located in Whitefish Bay may be contacted at 414-964-4444 or 414-967-8242 for media requests.


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