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1. MiTek BuilderMT

MiTek’s BuilderMT generates annual revenue of $9 million. Over 1,000 home builders have purchased BuilderMT systems in the past two decades, and about 10,000 industry professionals use it as a desktop workflow tool. Column C-E in row 2 of this spreadsheet and the report below provides further details of our findings.

  • MiTek’s BuilderMT company provides “highly-customizable workflow and building-process-management software” solutions within the home building industry. The company generates $9 million in annual revenue.
  • Over 1,000 home builders have purchased Builder MT solutions in the past 20 years, and roughly 10,000 industry professionals use it as a desktop workflow tool.
  • Some of MiTek’s BuilderMT construction management solutions include its collaborative tool, the Builder Portal, and “BuilderMT WMS Purchasing and Scheduling.”
  • In 2017, 5,000 BuilderMT users began accessing its Cloud-based portal (Builder Portal).


Mitek, the provider of the Kova software, generates $1.8 billion in revenue per annum. The company licenses a total of 23 software packages, including Kova.

3. Constellation NewStar

Constellation NewStar has more than 300 diverse home building customers. After an exhaustive search through the company website, press releases, parent company filings, media articles, and third-party research publications, we were unable to find any data regarding the revenue of Constellation NewsStar in the public domain. All the information found was about the product features and estimated revenue of the owner company, Constellation HomeBuilder Systems. Hence, we have updated the corresponding cell in the attached spreadsheet as ‘N/A’. Below is a summary of our useful findings.

Number of Users

  • As per the company website, Constellation NewStar ERP software is used by more than 300 diverse home building customers.

Other Helpful Findings

  • Constellation HomeBuilder Systems (CHS), the owner of the NewStar construction management ERP software, was created in March 2004 after the acquisition of NewStar by Constellation Software Inc. CHS operates as a semi-autonomous home-building software division of Constellation Software, an international provider of market-leading software and services for specialized industries.
  • CHS currently owns and operates around ten fully integrated software product offerings, namely Builder360, BuildSoft Pro, BuildTopia, Conasys HomeOwner Care, FAST, G.1440, HomeDev Pro, LandDev, NEWSTAR, Sales1440. The company has over 2,400 customers for its various software suite offerings, including 75 of the top 200 builders.
  • NewStar is CHS’s home building solution for “midsize residential builders and is designed for production home builders that build more than 100 homes a year. It can also be used by real estate developers and design/build firms working on residential projects.” It combines accounting, bid management, cost estimating, project management, and service management in a single, fully-integrated suite. It also offers some unique capabilities such as “warranty management to track home information and warranties, a purchase order system that allows users to auto-generate purchase orders and send them to suppliers, and NewStar Sales, which allows users to track prospect information.”
  • Constellation NewStar is used by a range of industries, including property management, residential, commercial, retail, and condominium construction, general and heavy construction, and by specialty trade subcontractors, home builders, and developers.
  • CHS’s parent company, Constellation Software Inc., has more than 30,000 customers in over 30 countries and is traded publicly on the Toronto Stock Exchange. The company has over 4,500 employees generating consolidated revenues exceeding $800 million.
  • While the revenue data specific to NewStar was not available in the public domain, as per Zoominfo, the total estimated revenue of Constellation HomeBuilder Systems is $30 million. The company has around 157 employees.

4. ECi MarkSystems

The requested data points on ECI MarkSystem have been entered into columns C and D, row 5 of the attached spreadsheet.


  • While there is no official revenue and number of clients data published by the ECI Solutions — the parent company of ECI MarkSystem, the team have provided available data points from credible third-party sources.
  • ECI MarkSystems generates about $4.8 million annually.
  • About 23 companies are using the ECI MarkSystem.
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