COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution

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US Vaccine Data

  • The overall US COVID-19 vaccine daily data tracker provided by CDC does not break down distribution data by venue/place of administration. The places of administration include “jurisdictional partner clinics, retail pharmacies, long-term care facilities, Federal Emergency Management Agency and Health Resources and Services Administration partner sites, and federal entity facilities”.
  • After the vaccines have been delivered by the federal government to states, other jurisdictions, and other federal and commercial partners, they then determine how and where the vaccines are distributed.
  • State and local health departments have the best information about when, where, and how” vaccines are administered. However, most states only provide vaccine distribution data by county of residence and demographic groups.
  • According to the California State Government, most Californian residents get their vaccination at hospitals, community vaccination sites, doctor’s offices, clinics, and pharmacies.


  • Emergency Services: 208,056
  • Health Center (Community, Federally Qualified, Migrant, Rural): 213,413
  • Hospital: 1,912,994
  • Long-Term Care: 2,095
  • Medical Clinic/Doctor’s Office: 393,919
  • Public Health/Government: 838,019
  • Pharmacy: 727,822
  • Other: 272,791
  • The venue of administration with the most vaccinations is the hospital.


  • Correctional Clinic: 8,000
  • Federal LTC Program: 460,200
  • Federal Retail Pharmacy Transfer: 39,000
  • Federally Qualified Health Center: 17,300
  • Hospital: 1,170,965
  • Local Health Department: 921,460
  • Long Term Care: 500
  • Tribal Health Center: 1,600
  • The venue of administration with the most vaccinations is the hospital.

 Utah (First and Second Dose) 

  • Community Nursing Services: 44,788 and 22,159
  • Corrections: 86
  • Federally Qualified Health Centers/Rural Health Clinics: 4,758 and 1,693
  • Hospital System: 65,474 and 60,119
  • IHS & Tribal Health: 1,350 and 492
  • Local Health Department: 242,983 and 97,192
  • Long Term Care – Federal Partnership: 32,153 and 20,693
  • Long Term Care – State Pharmacies: 4,131 and 2,653
  • Other: 10,333 and 4,083
  • Private Clinic/Health Center/Employee Health: 4,543 and 4,194
  • The venue of administration with the most vaccinations is the local health department.

 Mississippi (First and Second Dose) 

  • Hospital: 78,721 and 56,339
  • Fed. Pharmacy Partnership LTCF (CVS/Walgreens): 28,769 and 17,713
  • MSDH/Drive Throughs: 159,981 and 50,624
  • Clinics: 75,269 and 31,174
  • Pharmacies: 6,766 and 624
  • The venue of administration with the most vaccinations is the (Mississippi State Department of Health) MSDH/drive throughs.
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