COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout in Denmark - Enablement

The Danish government notifies the public of their turn to be vaccinated via e-Boks, emails, and employers. Citizens can also access a vaccination calendar to know when they are to take their vaccination. More details on Denmark’s approach to COVID-19 vaccination enablement have been presented below.

DENMARK’S Approach to COVID-19 Vaccination Enablement

  • Denmark has a very robust IT infrastructure that has played a significant role in ensuring that all vaccinated individuals are registered.
  • The country runs centrally controlled visitation system to ensure people in a selected target group are vaccinated. It uses CPR, a personal identification number that links every citizen to a centralized national register, to chart vaccination priorities. “Our knowledge of the population based on the CPR-number system is top-notch, so it’s easy to identify who belongs in which category,” said Randrup Thomsen, a virology professor at the University of Copenhagen.
  • The Danish Medicines Agency is in charge of approving and monitoring clinical trials. The agency collaborates with the European Medicines Agency (EMA) in authorizing companies that apply for approval of vaccines to be distributed across the EU. After a vaccine has been authorized, the agency “monitors all the Danish reports of possible side effects of the vaccine. It also monitors the vaccines’ safety at the European level in collaboration with medicines regulatory agencies from the other EU countries and the European Medicines Agency.”
  • The Danish Health Authority is in charge of “communication to the public and health professionals and works with all relevant stakeholders to determine who will administer the vaccine.”
  • The Danish Health Authority and Statens Serum Institut notify citizens through e-Boks, emails, and employers of their turn to get vaccinated. Once they are notified, the citizens are required to book their jab appointment via
  • The government will also be launching regular COVID-19 vaccination campaigns to keep the public informed. Furthermore, the Danish Health Authority has published a pamphlet with the COVID-19 immunization program. It is also sending letters to all citizens to inform them about the immunization program.
  • A vaccination calendar is also available to help the public know when they are supposed to take their jab.
  • The Danish Medicines Agency also keeps the public informed on why the vaccines have been approved, their efficacy, and their safety.

Insights on Denmark’s COVID-19 Vaccine Enablement

  • Denmark leads in COVID-19 immunization in the European Union, thanks to its smooth rollout. “The government’s clear position is that the moment the vaccines touch Danish soil is the moment they have to be used.” Denmark’s Social Democratic Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen said in a statement.
  • The strong start is also attributed to the country’s universal healthcare system that is controlled by mobilized local regions.
  • The rate of vaccination has also been increased by nurses who have been squeezing six doses of the vaccine instead of five out of each vial
  • Targeting care homes, where the immunization is given on-site, has also contributed to the vaccination campaign having a strong start.
  • Denmark is considered one of the best welfare states in the world. The country has centralized its COVID-19 vaccination process, which has contributed to a more efficient distribution of the vaccine as well as speedy reporting of vaccination numbers.
  • Denmark has authorized the delay of the second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine by six weeks to ensure more people get the first dose of the vaccine.
  • There is a possibility that the country’s vaccination rate may begin to slow down as the people who are yet to be vaccinated will be required to go to the jab centers, unlike residents from care homes who received their immunizations in their homes. “We have the infrastructure, but people have to go to the vaccination center, so that could drastically slow down the statistics,” Jens Lungred, a specialist in infectious diseases, said in a statement.
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