US Covid-19 Vaccination Sites That Have Successfully Implemented the Drive-Thru Vaccination Event

Three US Covid-19 vaccination sites that have successfully implemented the drive-thru vaccination event include the drive-thru vaccination sites at Broadbent Arena, Louisville, Washoe County, and Coors Field. The Broadbent Arena drive-thru vaccination site in Louisville was able to administer 2,000 shots during its first week of operation, double the initial projections.

1. Louisville’s Drive-Thru Vaccination Site

  • By the end of the first week of vaccination at the Broadbent Arena drive-thru vaccination site in Louisville, health officials say it was able to double projected doses.

2. Washoe County Drive-Thru Site

  • Since it began its vaccination journey, Washoe County has administered 42,173 out of the 47,346 doses of the vaccines received.
  • To advertise the event, Renown released a press brief notifying the affected age group of the plan to begin vaccinating them from Thursday, January 14th, 2021. It also provided a breakdown on how to book an appointment and all the other necessary information on its website page dedicated to the vaccination process.

3. UCHealth Drive-Through Clinic

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