COVID Vaccine: States Using Drive-Thru Vaccination Sites

Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia & California are U.S. states using drive-thru vaccination sites to administer COVID-19 vaccines.

1. Mississippi

  • The state of Mississippi operates 19 drive-thru vaccination sites across the state to vaccinate “health care workers, people 65 and over and those who are at least 16 and have health conditions that might make them more vulnerable to the virus.”
  • The drive-through vaccination sites are previous drive-thru testing sites in the state.
  • According to the state’s department of health, the total number of first doses that have been administered through drive-thrus is 165,151, while 55,247 second doses have been administered through the same channel as of February 24th.
  • The state’s department of health reported that it receives 37,000 vaccination doses a week.
  • According to a representative of the state’s department of health, the establishment of drive-thru vaccination sites was aimed at making more vaccines accessible to African Americans in the state.
  • Vaccination events at drive-thru sites are published and advertised on the websites of the state’s department of health and news outlets. A list of locations can be found here.

2. Alabama

  • The department of public health in Alabama stated that “healthcare providers, nursing home residents, law enforcement officers, firefighters and persons age 75 and older” were eligible for vaccination. However, from February 8th, “people 65 or older and additional groups of critical workers became eligible to get the vaccine”.
  • Vaccination events are announced and advertised through the website and social media platforms of the department of public health.
  • There are about 12 vaccination drive-thrus and walk-in clinics in Alabama.
  • The state’s department for public health reported that 815,013 doses of vaccine have been administered as of February 24th. 573,478 persons have been vaccinated once or twice.
  • Alabama receives about 90,000 doses of vaccine per week and has received a total of 1,087,285 doses as of February 24th.

3. Georgia

  • The Georgia department of public health is currently at phase 1A+ of vaccine administration in the state which covers healthcare workers; residents and staff of long-term care facilities; adults aged 65+ and their caregivers; and law enforcement, firefighters, and first responders.
  • On Monday, 22nd February 2021, the Georgia Emergency Management Agency announced the opening of four drive-thru mass vaccination sites in the state. The sites are located in Hapeville, Clarkesville, Macon, and Albany.
  • The state plans to be able to vaccinate “1,100 people per day, per site for a total of 22,000 people a week between each of the four sites”.
  • Details on the number of people per capita that are vaccinated through drive-thru locations are not available. This is likely because they just started operations a few days ago. However, overall vaccination data from the state’s department of health reports that the state has received 2,243,275 doses of vaccines and administered 1,834,738 doses as of February 24. This is a total of 17,531 per 100k population in the state.
  • Vaccination events and updates on the current vaccination phase of the state are published on the state’s department of health website. While drive-thru vaccination events are advertised through press releases and news outlets.

4. California

  • The state of California is currently vaccinating only health workers, long-term care residents, and individuals over 65 years. However, the state government announced that “beginning March 15, healthcare providers may use their clinical judgment to vaccinate individuals aged 16-64 who are deemed to be at the very highest risk to get very sick from COVID-19 because they have severe health conditions.”
  • While the state department of health has not stated the number of drive-thru vaccination sites in the state, a search through media outlets found drive-thru locations in Marin County, Los Angeles, San Mateo County, and San Diego County, and others.
  • Furthermore, the California department of health did not provide the number of people per capita that are vaccinated through these sites. Representatives have hinted at the estimated number of persons some sites could vaccinate each day. Marin Country plans to vaccinate about 1,500 persons a day, while the site in Los Angeles can administer 12,000 shots a day.
  • The state’s department of health announced that as of 23rd February, 10,302,040 doses of vaccine have been delivered to the state and they have administered 7,763,668 doses. However, the data did not stipulate how many doses were administered through drive-thru sites.
  • The state of California advertises its vaccination plans through a special campaign titled ‘Vaccinate ALL 58‘.
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