Different Forms of Racial Equality Coalitions/Partnerships Instigated Since June 2020

The death of George Floyd in May 2020 led to a rush of announcements and actions by companies across the United States. While several firms donated directly to organizations working for people of color, others have formed coalitions. In the following paragraphs, we list the different forms of partnerships instigated since June 2020.

1. Volunteerism

  • Law Firm Anti-Racism Alliance: In June 2020, a group of law firms gathered to form the Law Firm Anti-Racism Alliance (LFAA). LFFA, which seeks to use the law as a tool of reform, has over 250 member organizations. The coalition has at least one law firm from every state in the United States.
  • The Association of Pro Bono Counsel founded the alliance to bring together private law firms’ expertise, knowledge and resources.
  • Currently, LFFA is creating a repository of rules and regulations that impact people of color negatively. Once this is ready, the team will begin to systematically demolish such practices.
  • Racial Justice Investing Coalition: In a statement released in June, the investors’ coalition—a group of over 100 asset owners and business leaders—committed to encouraging workplace diversity, advocating for reform in public policy, and engaging with portfolio companies to undo practices that may harm Black communities.

2. Co-created Fellowships & Internships

  • In October, a group of CEOs launched a fellowship program intended to drive racial justice and equality through public policy. The group is headed by Roy Weathers, who is the PwC vice-chair of societal engagement and policy solutions. Other key members holding include Pia Flanagan of MassMutual and Roz Brooks of PwC.
  • The group is the largest CEO driven community comprising over 1,300 members. Of this, 100 members have committed 100% of their time to run this fellowship.
  • The fellowship will run for two years and has 250 members. Areas of focus include economic development, education, health and safety.
  • In July, two Atlanta-based companies, Chemistry and Cam Kirk Studios started a paid internship called The Ally Internship. The internship will allow Black artists to train in advertising, design, photography and video production. Upon completion, internees will be reviewed by a panel for potential employment at Chemistry or Cam Kirk Studios.

3. Combined Advocacy Efforts

  • Tech Companies collaborate to demand revocation of an executive order: A group of eleven organizations, comprising tech, software and advertising firms, sent a letter to the United States Department of Labor, requesting revocation of an order issued by Russell Vought, Director of the Office of Management and Budget.
    • Undersigned include Alliance for Digital Innovation, American Association of Advertising Agencies (4A’s), BSA | The Software Alliance and Cybersecurity Coalition amongst others.
    • The government’s executive order asked Executive Branch agencies to cease any pieces of training that advance the idea of America being a racist nation, the concept of “white privilege” (emphasis added in the executive order), or any form of anti-racist instruction.

4. Collective Funds

  • DoorDash partnered with Kiva: In July, DoorDash, to support Black-owned businesses, offered to match loans sourced through Kiva, a non-profit lending company. DoorDash has set up a $150,000 revolving loan fund to support this initiative.
  • Goldman Sachs collaborated with NBA players to launch a fund to promote racial equality and justice. Founding members of the Social Change Fund include Chris Paul, Dwayne Wade, and Carmelo Anthony. In addition to Goldman Sachs, Beyond Meat, a vegan brand, and Reforms Alliance, a non-profit organization, has also joined the Fund. The intention is to empower Black leaders, improve employment opportunities, and access to education, housing and health facilities.
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