Fortune 500 Director Psychographics

We found some examples of such individuals and provided some useful information. For example, Rosa Esquivel is the Director of Wireless Marketing at AT&T, and she can speak both Spanish and English languages. We have outlined the research strategies used to explain why the requested information is unavailable.


Jieun Chung

  • Jieun Chung is the Director of Corporate Strategy at Walmart.
  • She knows multiple languages, namely Chinese, English, Japanese, and Korean. She has four publications to her credit so far.
  • Chung follows business leaders and thought leaders such as Bill Gates, Satya Nadella, Guy Kawasaki, et al.
  • Category-wise, she is interested in following Influencers, companies, schools, and groups.

Rosa Esquivel

  • Rosa Esquivel is the Director of Wireless Marketing at AT&T.
  • On her testimonial, Rosa was described as someone who “is always lighthearted and happy,” and “always ready to take on a new challenge and keeps an open mind.”
  • Rosa is fluent in both English and Spanish languages.
  • Rosa Esquivel follows business leaders such as Bill Gates, Satya Nadella, and Richard Branson.
  • Category-wise, Rosa is interested in following Influencers, companies, schools, and groups.

Brian Papeman

  • Brian Papeman is the Director of Channel Marketing at AT&T.
  • Brian completed his bachelor’s degree in 1997 and assuming that he graduated at the age of 22 years; he was born in 1975, which makes him 44 years old in 2019.
  • He follows business leaders such as Kevin O’Leary, Gary Vaynerchuk, and Richard Branson.
  • Category-wise, he is interested in following Influencers, companies, and schools.

Erica Monteith

  • Erica Monteith is the Director of Beauty and Personal Care Marketing at CVS Health.
  • Monteith completed her bachelor’s degree in 2004 and assuming that she graduated at the age of 22 years; Monteith was born in 1982, which makes her 37 years old in 2019.
  • Monteith follows business leaders such as Gary Vaynerchuk, Arianna Huffington, and Jeff Weiner, among others.
  • Category-wise, she is interested in following influencers, companies, and schools.

Holly Murphy

  • Holly Murphy is the Director of Marketing and Brand at UnitedHealth Group.
  • Holly completed her bachelor’s degree in 1993 and assuming that she graduated at the age of 22 years; Holly was born in 1971, which makes her 48 years old in 2019.
  • She does not follow any business leaders on LinkedIn but follows a few companies and one school.

Jennifer Cho

  • Jennifer Cho is the Group Strategy Lead, Marketing Communications at Apple.
  • Jennifer Cho does not follow any business leaders on LinkedIn.
  • Category-wise, she is interested in companies, groups, and schools
  • Jennifer Cho’s testimonials describe her as someone who “always brought a positive attitude” and as “a wonderful and talented human” who is “inspiring to work with and an absolute joy to be around.”

Kim Luckow

  • Kim Luckow is the Director of Operations at Berkshire Hathaway.
  • The only business leader Kim Luckow is interested in following is Bill Gates.
  • Category-wise, Kim Luckow is interested in following influencers, companies, schools, and groups.
  • Kim Luckow’s testimonials describe her as “a smart, dedicated professional” who “takes care of colleagues immediately.”

Rajesh Srinivasan

  • Rajesh Srinivasan is the Director of Affiliate Marketing at Amazon.
  • Rajesh’s testimonials describe him as “one of the most knowledgeable, resourceful, and friendly guys in the industry,” someone who is “very personable and easy to work with,” and as someone who “is also an outstanding teammate with good listening skills.”
  • He is fluent in English, Malayalam, and Tamil languages.
  • Rajesh has three patents and one publication to his credit.
  • Rajesh follows business leaders such as Bill Gates, Richard Branson, and Ariana Huffington.
  • Category-wise, Rajesh is interested in following influencers, companies, groups, and schools.


  • From available statistics, Erica Monteith is the youngest of the executives at an estimated age of 37 years.
  • Holly Murphy is the oldest at an estimated age of 48 years.
  • In terms of category-wise interests, almost all the directors were keen on following companies and schools, followed by influencers and groups.
  • Among the most followed business leaders by these directors, Bill Gates topped the charts followed by at least four directors, while Richard Branson was followed by at least three directors, and Satya Nadella, Arianna Huffington, and Gary Vaynerchuk had followings from at least two directors each.
  • Three out of the eight directors knew more than one language.


  • The average salary of a Director-level person in the US was found to be $80,630.
  • Verizon, Microsoft, and Pfizer are fortune 500 companies (click on the “explore” option to see all 500 names).
  • The average annual salaries of Verizon, Pfizer, and Microsoft Directors are $215,652, $194,247, and $174,699 respectively.
  • In terms of spending habit, the most significant non-housing expenditure in most affluent ($125,000 + annual income) households is transportation payments (car, etc.), which constitute 20% of their spend, on average. This expenditure is followed by home-and-garden products/services, which constitute 14% of their spend, and then insurance (10%).


To locate the executives and find out further personal details regarding their profiles, we began by looking into executive leadership/team pages in the websites of top fortune 500 companies such as Walmart, AT&T, Apple, Amerisource Bergen, and Berkshire Hathway, among others. The leadership profiles mentioned in the company websites were mostly of C-level executives. Thus, we looked for such profiles on LinkedIn. After locating the profiles, we searched for their interests, activities, and personal blog links, among other things. While some information such as interests, people whom they followed was available, there was hardly any information available on their hobbies, behaviors, and personal lives. Some stray information relating to behavior was available from LinkedIn testimonials, but they were not uniform enough to locate enough common attributes.
Next, we looked into the profiles of these executives on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to gather some personal information about them. However, while pursuing this strategy, we noticed that there were multiple profiles for each name and due to the non-availability of professional data in personal social media profiles and the usage of different pictures on LinkedIn and personal social media profiles. Thus, it was difficult to verify the available information.
We also looked into websites that provide information on the personal lives of US citizens who have some presence in the public domain through mentions of their names in press releases or as guests/speakers at events. These sources include sites such as MyLife, PeopleFinders, USSearch, and, among others. However, either the information was limited to contact information such as mail ID or telephone number, or the information was for subscribers of the service only. Also, since these personalities were not as famous and covered as C-level executives, there was hardly any information available in the accessible sections of these sources.
Lastly, we looked for persona profiles of these business executives as is often published in business media sources such as Forbes and Business Insider. We also looked for their publications either in personal blog posts or personal realization/experiences documented on sites such as Medium or Verge. However, we found that almost all such personal profiles were available for C-level executives only, as the press mostly followed them, devoting much of the media attention to knowing details about their personalities.

Glenn is the Lead Operations Research Analyst at The Digital Momentum with experience in research, statistical data analysis and interview techniques. A holder of degree in Economics. A true specialist in quantitative and qualitative research.


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