Freedom for Vaccinated Individuals - Israel, UK., U.S., Singapore, South Korea

Israel plans to provide a green passport to vaccinated individuals that would allow them access to cultural events and dining in public spaces.


  • The Health Ministry in Israel revealed its plan to provide a green passport to vaccinated individuals.
  • The passport would “exempt them from restrictions, including allowing access to cultural events and eating at restaurants, and the right to not quarantine after exposure to a diagnosed virus-carrier.”

The UK

  • The UK government had informal conversations regarding issuing a QR-based vaccination certification to allow vaccinated individuals access to high-risk events and venues.
  • De La Rue is negotiating with the UK government on the possibility of COVID-19 certificates that indicates an individual’s vaccination and COVID-19 test status using biometrics. The Department of Transport also considered providing vaccination stamps to help tourists bypass border checks.
  • The UK government is also considering a vaccine certification that “allows individuals to share vaccine status with their general practitioner and that restaurants, bars, and other venues might also use that system to decide whether to allow customers to enter.”

The US

  • The US Department of Defense’s Naval Medical Research Center is considering the possibility of using an immunity passport for marines that would utilize a measurable indicator to ensure the safe return of recruits and marines to battle, even after re-exposure to the COVID-19 virus.

South Korea

  • South Korea is yet to commence COVID-19 vaccinations despite being one of four foreign countries to receive the Moderna vaccine on December 18, 2020. South Korea will begin its domestic vaccination program in February.
  • It is currently considering proposals to include immunity passports for use in the travel industry. However, South Korea has not released an official statement indicating a clear plan for immunity passports or any associated benefits.


  • It is already a requirement in Singapore for people to check-in with contact tracing apps before entering public spaces such as cinemas. “Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower has deployed a digital health passport currently used to store verification that an individual has been discharged from hospital and recovered from COVID-19.”
  • The government has also indicated plans to extend the passport’s usage to provide vaccination, immunity, and testing records. However, they have not yet been implemented.

Other Findings

  • COVID-19 immunity certifications, passports, and apps are considered effective ways of reducing restrictions in several countries such as the US. Immunity passports would allow individuals to travel without quarantining. They are currently proposed to represent digital documentation on a smartphone that can be scanned to show vaccination and COVID-19 status.
  • Immunity certification holders would benefit from not undergoing testing or quarantine for international travel, making for a simpler travel process, and participating in activities that others cannot. For example, some venues might start to reopen, and vaccinated staff would be allowed to resume, stay-at-home directives might be less applicable, and so on.
  • Heathrow Airport in London, England, is currently developing its first official immunity passport to allow travelers on flights between New York, Singapore, and London to visit without quarantining when they arrive, as long as they download an app that they can use to upload recent COVID-19 test results.” US airports are considering developing similar models.
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