Doctors in the US who listen to medical podcasts are typically 30-54 years of age, married, more likely to be white or Asian, and slightly more likely to be male. A more detailed demographic description has been provided below.


  • According to Edison Research, the 18-54 demographic is likely to listen to podcasts “more frequently than the average American.” The American Medical Association (AMA) produces podcasts for this demographic.
  • However, as “the vast majority of medical students don’t become independent physicians until their early 30s,” the typical age of doctors (excluding medical students) listening to medical podcasts is estimated to be 30-54.
  • The aforementioned statistic is supported by Edison Research’s 2019 survey findings: 40% of Americans (including non-physicians) aged 12-24, 39% aged 25-54, and 17% aged 55+ are monthly podcast listeners.
  • Two-thirds of physicians surveyed by Kantar Media “indicated they listened to non-CME medical podcasts or webinars/webcasts.” The complete reports (from where this data was sourced)– “Kantar Medical/Surgical Physician Sources & Interactions Reports” and “Kantar Media Medical/Surgical Digital Insights Report”–are not publicly available. Kantar can be contacted on “ for more information.”
  • As 46% (29%+17%) of physicians in the US are over the age of 55 and 54% (100%-46%) are 55 or younger, Kantar’s statistic (of two-third physicians..) suggests that the AMA defined demographic (18-54) is likely accurate.


  • While 61.6% of all physicians in the US are male, the proportion of female doctors among the younger generation of doctors is higher than male doctors:
  • We did a weighted average calculation using the gender breakdown statistic and age distribution statistic to determine the proportion of female doctors under the age 55 in the US and found that it is approximately 50%.
  • According to Edison Research’s 2019 survey, 36% of American men versus 29% of American women had listened to a podcast recently. Given that the gender distribution in the key demographic (doctors aged 30-54 yrs.) is equal parts male and female, doctors who listen to medical podcasts is more likely to be male.


  • Primary care physicians <40 years earn an average of $193k and those aged 40-69 earn $253k.
  • Specialty physicians <40 years earn an average of $294k and those aged 40-69 earn $358k.
  • Edison research clubs all individuals earning over $150k as one income segment, suggesting that there may not be meaningful variation in podcast consumption in the $150k+ income range.
  • Therefore, podcast usage among physicians in the US would not be correlated to incomes in any way.

Marital Status

  • Given that 80% of doctors are married, and two-third of doctors listen to “non-CME medical podcasts or webinars/webcasts,” more so among doctors aged 30-54, doctors who listen to medical podcasts are likely to be married.


  • According to the AMA, 56.2% of American physicians are white, 17.1% are Asian, 5.8% are Hispanic, 5% are African Americans, 2.2% belong to other races, and 13.7% are of unknown ethnicity.
  • As most of the key demographic listens to medical podcasts, the key demographic is likely to be white or Asian.
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