This report highlights various influencers in the Oklahoma City region in fields related to home improvement, interior decorating, real estate, and home design, as well as major influencers in somewhat-related fields in the region. For home-related fields, Amy Bellgardt has the largest following with an overall reach of more than 350,000; she writes about home decoration. Most of the major influencers in Oklahoma City outside of home-related fields are involved in food- or family-related subjects, they are included due to the size of the audience and the potential for pairing with a food or family-related event during the grand opening or for the potential connection with a natural or healthy lifestyle in the community. Others were in fashion-related fields, and were similarly included in the event that the grand opening could be paired with fashion-forward or trendy subjects.
Part (A): This section collects influencers in fields related to homes in the OKC region.

1. Amy Bellgardt

2. The Urban Acres

  • Sallie Dale is an influencer based in Tulsa who posts under The Urban Acres. Her posts focus on homemaking and DIY-projects. She is a rug-hooking artist.
  • The Urban Acres has ~10,600 followers on Instagram.
  • The Urban Acres has 861 followers on Twitter.
  • Sallie and her husband are renovating their 1960s house, and their posts often revolve around learning how to do home repairs and improvements.
  • Sallie has promoted Brewster Home, SomerTile, and Mrs. Meyer’s Cleaner.

3. Lori Young

  • Lori Young is an influencer based in Oklahoma City. A survivor of breast cancer and advocate for MS and Down Syndrome patients, Lori posts about home improvement, DIY, and vintage furniture restoration (under the name Vintage Charm Restored). She is passionate about Christianity.
  • Lori has 19,480 followers on Facebook and 1,500 followers on Twitter. Her Instagram has 2,303 followers.
  • The website Vintagecharmrestored.com is operated by Lori; it includes a blog and an Amazon shop with an array of products.

4. Kara Woolery

  • Kara Woolery is an influencer in Oklahoma City. She formerly operated Lillian Hope Designs across multiple platforms, but she recently overhauled it entirely to Clean Eating Clean Living after being diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. She posts about healthy living and healthy lifestyles (including products), home decorating, home and life organization, and family lifestyle subjects.
  • Clean Eating Clean Living has 25,715 followers on Pinterest.
  • As part of Lillian Hope Designs, Kara partnered with numerous brands (including Coca Cola) to promote DIY projects on social media.
  • Kara is looking to partner with new brands that fit with her image of Clean Eating Clean Living.

5. Allison Gappa

6. Doctor Mommy, MD

—Part (B): This section details major influencers in the Oklahoma City region.

7. The Consumer Queen

  • Melissa Garcia is @theconsumerqueen, an influencer based in Oklahoma City. She writes posts related to beauty, fashion, food, travel, and being a mom.
  • Melissa operates consumerqueen.com, a website and blog dedicated to products, projects, and recipes.
  • Melissa also writes posts about farmhouse living, natural and organic living, and food. Her husband Daniel also writes on the blog; he writes about men’s lifestyle, technology, sports, and men’s fashion.
  • The Consumer Queen has 78,667 followers on Facebook, ~19,900 followers on Instagram, and 22,702 followers on Pinterest.
  • The Consumer Queen has promoted The Winston, Papa John’s, and Carnival Cruise.

8. The Colorful Foodie

9. Lunch Box Dad

  • Beau Coffron is the Lunch Box Dad, an influencer based in Oklahoma City. Beau writes posts on food, parenting, family lifestyle, and being a dad.
  • The Lunch Box Dad has 47,332 followers on Facebook, 28,272 followers on Pinterest, and ~38,100 followers on Instagram.
  • The lunchboxdad.com website offers recipes for lunchboxes, product reviews and recommendations, and parenting tips.
  • Lunch Box Dad works with various brands, including RockIt Apples and Arm and Hammer.

10. Allyson in Wonderland

11. Little Family Adventure

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