Baptist Health South Florida and Cleveland Clinic Florida both provide community benefits for their patients across South Florida and beyond. Both companies have had strong ties with their communities and continue to find innovative ways to give back, especially to those who are uninsured.

1. Baptist Health South Florida

Community Benefits

  • In 2012, Baptist Health spent $279 million on community benefits and helped 20,000 low-income patients who were also uninsured. The Baptist Health Medical Group Family Medicine Center was also opened in that same year.
  • In 2019, Baptist Health spent $390 million (39.8% increase) on community benefits and helped 24,000 low-income patients who were uninsured.
  • Baptist Health’s mission is to provide healthcare services for the less fortunate and patients who are uninsured. Its most recent Community Needs Assessment (CHNA) showed that the areas of need include access to care for those who are uninsured, availability of primary and preventative care, barriers to accessing care, chronic disease management, mental health, and substance abuse, and socioeconomic challenges. These are the areas that Baptist Health has given priority in their communities.
  • Under Baptist Health’s Urban Four’s response, “63 households and 212 household members” of the uninsured/underinsured benefited from free primary care as well as in-home visits, 7,300 individuals engaged in chronic disease management education and over 122,000 went to free exercise classes. Monetary contributions were also made to reduce issues related to the five priority areas mentioned above.
  • At least 30 community events are held annually by Baptist Health South Florida.
  • Baptist Health is also expanding so it can reach a wider customer base in providing “high-quality compassionate care.”

Marketing Efforts

  • Channels: Baptist Health South Florida uses its website and several social media platforms to market its services and community health campaigns. It has an online presence on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat.
  • Messaging: Baptist Health’s position is to cater to those who are “less fortunate or uninsured” which it believes goes hand in hand with its spiritual foundation. On its website, they have promised to provide healthcare that is of high-quality and is cost-effective; with all uninsured patients getting the opportunity to get financial assistance of a value that is far more generous when compared with most hospitals.
  • On social media, it uses hashtags such as #LiveHealthy, and #BaptistHealthy for its community virtual exercise campaign.
  • The company has described itself as compassionate and supportive. It uses the tagline “Together we’re unstoppable. Never stop giving.”
  • Creative examples surrounding Baptist Health’s community benefits can be found here.

2. Cleveland Clinic

Community Benefits

  • Cleveland Clinic spent 6% more on community benefits in 2018 ($1.04 billion) compared with 2017 ($981.4 million). The majority was spent on Medicaid shortfall (45%), education, financial assistance, and research. 12% of its operating revenue in 2018 was put towards community benefits.
  • Between 2017 and 2018, the financial assistance offered to patients who can’t “pay some or all of their bills” increased by 19% while its subsidized health services increased by 4%. More was also spent on its outreach program which cost 4.5% more in 2018.
  • Cleveland Clinic’s outreach program includes “chronic disease prevention and management, infant mortality, opioid crisis and socioeconomic concerns.”
  • Cleveland Clinic’s CHNA for 2019, listed the following as priority for its communities: access to affordable healthcare, addiction and mental health, chronic disease prevention and management, infant mortality, medical research and health professions education, and socioeconomic concerns. These were all areas of focus for community health and upliftment.
  • Cleveland Clinic has been using wellness talk series to reach community members across South Florida virtually.

Marketing Efforts

Research Strategy

Hospitals/healthcare systems that were looked at in this research were recognized as some top hospitals in South Florida according to this source. They also placed a lot of emphasis on community benefits, and actively engaging community members through different programs and investments. Creative examples were sought from the companies’ websites, social media pages, and databases that provide details on company ads such as

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