Leading Companies that Provide Fitness Training and Expertise to Older Individuals (Aged 50-65 Years)

Fitness programs that cater to adults aged between 50 to 64 years are listed below:

1. Active Choices

  • The program was led by Dr. Abby King, at the Stanford Prevention Research Center (SPRC), Standford University School of Medicine, in collaboration with experts from departments of public health, exercise science, nutritional science, and psychology.
  • The Active Choices program is a telephone-based, 6-12 months individualized program, that provides remote guidance and support to its participants to undertake physical activity. The program was meant to provide interventions to older adults, for health-enhancing physical activity, improving health diets, and stress management.
  • As research indicated the safety and effectiveness of the telephone-supervised physical activity regimen for a range of demographics, particularly middle-aged (36-55 years) adults. Hence, the goal of the program was to apply evidence-based behavioral strategies using customized approaches in assisting adults (particularly older adults), to incorporate physical activity in their daily lives.
  • The efficacy of the Active Choices Program has been tested in various clinical trials. The program was adopted and implemented as part of the California Department of Health’s Active Aging Initiative; in which telephone-supervised physical activity programs have been implemented for adults age 50 years and above.
  • The Active Choices program comes with training materials and a toolkit that can give peer mentors the skills and resources to deliver individually-tailored, personalized exercise advice, counseling, and goals for older adults of all ages, and at all levels of physical fitness and personal motivation.
  • The cost of the program is broken down as training cost (USD 1200), and the material cost ($450).
  • Additional details and educational/promotional materials can potentially be sought by reaching out to Dr. Abby King on her email ID: king@stanford.edu

2. Active Living Every Day (ALED)

  • The program is meant to help sedentary people, from the older demographics to become and stay physically active for a lifetime. The program has been approved by U.S. Administration on Aging.
  • The program was developed by behavioral scientists at the Cooper Institute in Dallas (Texas), in collaboration with Human Kinetics.
  • This comprehensive program spans through a period of 12 weeks and offers fitness and physical exercise-related, online support resources for participants and facilitators.
  • Desired outcomes include (i) improvement in physical activity, (ii) improvement in cardio-respiratory fitness, (iii) advancement in the stages of readiness to change, and (iv) allow participants to meet the 2008 US physical activity guidelines.
  • This program has been extensively tested in clinical studies and randomized clinical trials, amongst older adults, as part of the RQJF-funded Active for Life initiative, funded by the NIH, and the CDC. The research demonstrated positive changes in physical functioning (functional fitness levels) – and improvement in physical activity levels, after undergoing 6 months of sessions.

3. Nifty After Fifty

  • The program offers health, wellness, and fitness training to older individuals above 50 years of age.
  • The Nifty After Fifty program has been created by physicians to provide customized fitness training to older individuals at 30 locations across California, Arizona, Nevada, and Virginia.
  • The program offers services such as: (i) clinically supervised full-body fitness, (ii) prescribed fitness exercise programs, (iii) fall free, (iv) brain aerobics, (v) computer-simulated driving skills, (vi) personal nutritional counseling, (vii) diabetes prevention program, (viii) fitness everywhere classes, (ix) the home of neurodynamic fitness.

4. Flipping Fifty

  • The program was founded by Debra Atkinson, which is specifically tailored for women over 50 years. This extensive program features on both the website and TV channel. Debra’s project has been cited in various media outlets such as The Huffington Post, Prevention, and Living Better 50.
  • The online TV channel called Flipping 50 TV, provides an avenue for its members to watch workout videos.
  • Debra’s podcast can on women fitness over the age of 50 years, can be accessed here.

Other Programs Include:

5. Enhance Fitness – additional details about the program can be found here.6. Human Kinetics – additional details regarding educational materials (ebooks), and online courses/exams for the health and fitness of older individuals can be accessed here. 7. Fit and Strong– a program for older adults with lower-extremity osteoarthritis.8. Fitness Programs for Women over 50 years – a list of fitness programs for women over fifty years can be found here.

Other Sources (Not directly related):

  • Global Fit – a fitness program not restricted to the age bracket, but offered to employees of an affiliated organization. This program is fully covered under the employer’s insurance and offers various attractive features. Since the age 50-65 are currently in the workforce, this company serves the individuals under the given age bracket. This platform offers a comprehensive suite of programs and products from gym memberships, to virtual fitness and well-being offerings, and tele-nutrition services delivered by Registered Dietitians. The platform also offers a personalized mobile application, nutrition services, and an audio library. We mentioned this example here, as a guide to the existing applications which might help the client develop an application of a similar sort; or might help foster collaboration with Global Fit to customize these applications for the age group 50-64 years.
  • During our research, we came across Rachel Lum, a fitness trainer, and a web-developer. She has developed programs and applications for fitness and workout. It seems plausible to extend collaboration if the client is interested in designing a blog or application specifically tailored to older demographics aged 50-65 years.
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