New Zealand's COVID-19 Vaccination Strategy - Information Enablers

In New Zealand, the ministry of health has created the National Immunization Solution to help healthcare workers record all COVID-19 vaccinations administered in the country. The ministry is also building an Inventory Management System to store information on vaccine stock levels, vaccine locations and distribution, and the vaccine storage temperature. More details on the information enablers approach used by New Zealand, insights from the approach and the level of documentation available are provided below.

New Zealand COVID-19 Vaccine Information Enablers Approach

The National Immunization Solution (NIS)

Inventory Management System

Reporting Adverse Drug Reactions

  • New Zealand’s ministry of health has an adverse drug reaction reporting system, where New Zealanders who experience adverse reactions to the vaccine after administration can report to.
  • New Zealanders can send online reports to the Centre for Adverse Reactions Monitoring (CARM) if they are anxious about the vaccination process, or if they are experiencing real adverse effects to the vaccine.

Insights/Lessons from New Zealand’s Information Enablers Approach

1. Digital Access to Immunization Records

  • The new National Immunization Solution (NIS) system has added functionalities to help New Zealanders get their immunization records online.

2. National Inventory Management System

  • Other countries can learn from New Zealand’s national Inventory Management System that ensures critical details like vaccines’ storage temperature, locations, volumes, and expiry dates are tracked and traced to minimize wastages and increase vaccine efficacy.

Scale of New Zealand’s Information Enablers Approach

  • Based on the level of documentation available on New Zealand’s COVID-19 vaccination strategy in the area of information enablers, we can conclude that the country’s vaccine approach is Yellow.
  • This is because the available documents only offer high-level guidance in terms of the strategy or architecture of approach, with no handbooks for implementation.
  • The Immunization Advisory Center in New Zealand provides answers to some of the frequently asked questions about the COVID-19 vaccines, but there is no information on information enables.
  • The reason for this may be because New Zealand has not yet started vaccinating its citizens as the earliest immunization is expected to start in April 2021.
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