Opera Vs Firefox: Which one Should you Use? (Focusing on the Unique Features)

Opera desktop browser has a built-in ad blocker, while Firefox provides different types of privacy and content blocking settings. Both desktop browsers offer syncing bookmarks, passwords and other data across desktop and mobile devices. Opera has several unique features such as a free VPN and integrated messengers, while Firefox uses less memory than other browsers.

Opera Desktop Features

Opera – Privacy and Security

Opera – Sync

  • Opera Flow allows users to instantly send images, videos, links or notes between their computer and phone.
  • Users can sync their favorite sites, browsing history, passwords and open tabs across computers and smartphones.
  • Opera Bookmarks helps users to manage and organize their bookmarks and to sync them across different devices.

Opera – Search and Organization

  • Instant Search can be used for quick tab or web searching, while the Search in Tabs feature finds a specific open tab. Search highlight is a tool that allows a quick search for the highlighted text on a page.
  • The snapshot feature allows users to capture, edit and share any part of a webpage.
  • Speed Dial provides the most visited websites, which can be organized into folders.
  • The tabs can be organized in separate workspaces, which can be named and customized according to different interests.

Opera – Performance

  • Turbo mode speeds up loading pages on slow networks by compressing certain sections of a webpage.

Opera – Unique Features

  • The built-in free and unlimited VPN provides enhanced online privacy without subscription or additional browser extensions.
  • Unit converters feature provides users with a simple highlight tool, which can convert different measurements, currencies and time zones.
  • Battery saver can extend the battery life on a laptop and provide up to an extra hour for browsing.
  • Opera has integrated messengers in its sidebar such as Facebook Messenger, Telegram, WhatsApp and VKontakte.
  • The free personal news feed service is built into the browser. It can be personalized and customized and provides important news in the sidebar for convenient reading.
  • Users can pop-out any video into a separate window and then watch it while browsing.
  • Continue on Booking displays the “most frequently and recently viewed hotels” in a new section on the start page after the user visits at least three hotels on Booking.com. Continue Shopping displays the “most frequently and recently viewed products” in a new section on the start page after the user visits at least three product pages on AliExpress or Amazon.

Opera – Other Features

Firefox Desktop Features

Firefox – Privacy and Security

Firefox – Sync

  • Bookmarks can be easily sorted and organized by names and folders and then synced across desktop and mobile devices.
  • The Firefox account can sync the users’ data and settings across all devices.
  • The password manager stores and syncs passwords across all devices and allows users to log in automatically.

Firefox – Search and Organization

  • Users can search the history, tabs, bookmarks and the web in the “unified search/address bar“.
  • The new tab page displays the most visited websites and the most popular web content.
  • Pocket for Firefox allows users to save pages, articles, and videos and then view them on any device.
  • The page actions menu allows users to copy and email links, bookmark pages, take screenshots and send pages to a mobile device or to Pocket.

Firefox – Performance

Firefox – Unique Features

Opera Mobile Features

  • Opera mobile browser blocks ads and allows pages to load faster. This feature also removes most of the privacy and cookie dialogs. Users can turn on the incognito mode to browse privately through the web without leaving any traces.
  • The built-in VPN is free and unlimited and provides improved security and privacy. When used in private mode, it replaces the IP address with a virtual one and prevents unintended sharing of information such as identity and location.
  • Opera uses an AI news engine to provide a personalized news feed. Users can select and browse through their favorite topics and also save them to read later.
  • The mobile browser has an adjustable night mode for reading in the dark and a special text size setting feature that allows pages to adapt according to the users’ reading preferences.
  • Files can be shared between desktop and mobile devices by using the Flow feature. The mobile app provides management for downloads, passwords and payment information.
  • The built-in crypto wallet in Opera for Android and the Opera Touch on iOS allows users to “pay with cryptocurrencies” and also to transfer money “from wallet to wallet“.
  • Users can add a shortcut to any website on the home screen of their mobile device. They can also adjust the browser startup behavior and sync across all their Opera devices.
  • The Opera Touch browser can scan a QR code to look for a product or a website.
  • The data savings feature reduces the data consumption of mobile devices and allows pages to load faster.

Firefox Mobile Features

  • Firefox mobile browser blocks unwanted ads and third-party cookies. The enhanced tracking protection blocks more than 2000 online trackers and improves and protects privacy.
  • Users won’t be tracked and their browsing history will be deleted when they use the private browsing mode. Firefox blocks part of the webpages that might track the browsing activity.
  • All data, including bookmarks, browsing history, open tabs, and passwords, can be synced across all devices.
  • Users can easily share links or specific items to other apps such as Facebook, Тwitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, and others. Also, users are able to send web content or video from their mobile devices to “any TV equipped with supported streaming capabilities”.
  • The mobile app provides support for numerous add-ons. Users can select their favorite search provider and use the smart search bar, which offers suggestions and anticipates their needs during the search.
  • The mobile browser also offers intuitive visual tabs and easy access to favorite sites.
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