Popular Trending Books, TV, YouTube Channels, Toys, Video Games and Apps for Ages 3-5 & 5-7

Popular Content Ages 3-5

The preschool years are a magic time in development. Children go from being entirely dependent on their parents, to being somewhat independent beings. With popular content for kids ages 3-5, there are elements of both education and fun. The following trends will outline the books, TV, YouTube channels, toys, and apps that this age group is tuning into.

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Popular Books

The New York Times Bestsellers List is considered the leading list of best-selling books in the United States. It ranks books for all ages. The following books are what is trending for readers of picture books, which means ages three and up.

Popular YouTube Channels

Kid-themed YouTube channels are the most popular content on the platform and Statista ranks YouTube’s most subscribed kids content channels of 2020 as follows.

Popular Television Shows

The following is a list of kids shows that kids really watch.

  • Spongebob Squarepants — After nearly thirty years on television this show is still popular. It has silly tales of a sea sponge who works as a fry cook and has misadventures with a sea star and many other deep sea friends.
  • Steven Universe — The series is about a guy who is friends with talking crystal gems who are shapeshifters.
  • Peppa Pig — Peppa is an upbeat pig with a loving British family who has adventures.
  • Pete the Cat — Every day is an adventure for Pete, and each episode is a journey of self-discovery.
  • PAW Patrol — A group of super talented canines that run around Canada solving problems.

Popular Tech Toys

The top five tech toys for preschoolers ages 3-5 are educationally centered, but still very fun. They are defined and explained below.

  • Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition — This was created especially for kids, it’s durable, affordable, packed with age-appropriate content. Plus it has 2-year free replacement program.
  • FujiFilm Instax Mini LiPlay — The novelty of instant film is great for kids with a screen to prevent wasting film.
  • Wonder Workshop Dash Robot Wonder Pack– This robot connects to Android or iOS device for all sorts of play and learning. It’s best for the five-year-old age group. It is a remote control robot that lights up and makes sounds, but can be programmed with routines. It is compatible with Lego and other Wonder Kits.
  • VTech Touch and Learn Activity Desk — With VTEch Activity Desk kids get the hands-on activities that are critical to motor skill development. It uses a LED display, an interactive touchpad and sound to teach math basics, music, drawing and more.
  • Play-Doh Touch Shape to Life Studio — Preschoolers and kids of all ages love Play-Doh and this kit allows them to take their physical creations into the digital world with an iOS device.

Popular Video Games

Games in this list are popular because of their individual abilities to entertain and educate. This will be explained as each are discussed.

  • LEGO games — Since 2005, LEGO games have given kids ways to play with popular intellectual properties such as Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Jurassic Park, and many superhero franchises. With simple action, cooperative puzzles, and story lines mirroring the movies LEGO games game for preschoolers.
  • LittleBigPlanet 3 — With the main character Slackboy you will have puzzles easy enough for small kids to solve, but they have the most fun with level creator.
  • Super Mario Run — This is automatic runner with one-button touchscreen controls. Mario runs and you jump over gaps, hit power-ups, collect coins, and eliminate enemies.
  • Yooka-Laylee — This colorful adventure starring a cute chameleon Yooka and lovable bat Laylee is a great to play with your kids. It features cooperative multiplayer, where one person controls Yooka and the other controls Laylee.
  • Sonic Mania Plus — This is reincarnation of original Sonic. As their preschoolers play, it has parents reliving their childhood through their children.

Popular Content Ages 5-7

Children 5-7 years old love to watch television, YouTube, and play games. Children in this age group, as well as all other age groups, love comedies, action/adventure shows, music shows, science fiction shows, and wildlife/animals.

Popular Content — Genres

  • Comedy was found to be an overall popular genre among kids.
  • In Brazil, the most popular genres among kids of all ages are action/adventure shows, comedy, music, and science fiction shows.
  • The most popular genres among children of all ages in South Africa are “humor and wildlife/animals.”
  • “Humor and wildlife/animals” are the most popular among children 2-10 years old in the United Kingdom.

Popular Content — Media Type

  • According to the analysis conducted by Ofcom, about 98% of children from the United Kingdom, 5-7 years old, watch TV programs or films for 11 h 6 min a week. About 73% watch live broadcasts, and the same percentage watches video-on-demand content.
  • About 62% of children old 5-7 years spend 6 h 18 min a week playing games.
  • About 64% of children old 5-7 years spend 8 h 36 min a week watching YouTube, while about 11% of children of this age watch YouTubers or vloggers.

Popular Content — OTT services

  • According to another study conducted by Ofcom, about 44% of children ages 5-7 years use OTT service.
  • The study reported that 5-7-year-old children “are interested in watching content aimed at their age group.”
  • Among favorite content children listed Paw Patrol (6%), Pokemon (4%), Films (4%) — they didn’t specify which films, cartoons (4%) — they didn’t specify which cartoons, Disney (3%) — they didn’t specify which Disney program, SpongeBob SquarePants (3%), Horrid Henry (3%), Power Rangers (3%), and Peppa Pig (3%).

Popular Content — YouTube

  • Two in five (or about 39%) kids 5-7-years-old use only YouTube Kids app, 14% use YouTube Kids app and main YouTube website/app, while 45% use only YouTube website/app.
  • About 65% of 5-7-year-old children watch cartoons, animations, mini-movies, or songs, and about 61% watch funny videos/jokes/pranks or challenges.
  • Other popular types of YouTube content include music videos (43%), “how-to” videos or tutorials (34%), “game tutorials or ‘walk-throughs’” (33%), and unboxing videos (32%).
  • About 25% of children in this age group love to watch “content posted by vloggers.”

Popular Content — TV Programs

  • Popular programs among children 4-9 years were The Highway Rat, Strictly Come Dancing, 8 New Year’s Eve Fireworks, Blue Planet II, The Gruffalo, Strictly Come Dancing Launch Show.
  • Among the most popular films were Moana, Trolls, Sing, The Boss Baby.

Popular Content — Games

  • About 63% of children 5-7-years-old play games on any device.
  • About 40% of children ages 5-7 years use a games console or games player such as Nintendo, PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch PS Vita.
  • About 35% of 5-7 year-olds play games online. Among popular online games mentioned by Ofcom’s study are FIFA football games, Minecraft, Club Penguin, Animal Jam, and Moshi Monsters.
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