Quotes From Prominent Figures that Express an Appreciation or Love for the Internet and Its Benefits

We began by scouring quote databases to identify the exact type of quote that met the criteria. We then scoured official sources to determine if the quote was authentic and what medium/source it was first presented on.

“We are all now connected by the Internet, like neurons in a giant brain”.
“The internet could be a very positive step towards education, organisation and participation in a meaningful society.”
“The Internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow.”
“The Internet has brought communities across the globe closer together through instant communication.”
“One of the internet’s strengths is its ability to help consumers find the right needle in a digital haystack of data.”
“The internet was crucial for our success. It is a great thing. It is a big democracy because people can choose what they like.”
“I was inspired by the Hole in the Wall project, where a computer with an internet connection was put in a Delhi slum. When the slum was revisited after a month, the children of that slum had learned how to use the worldwide web.”
“In education, technology can be a life-changer, a game changer, for kids who are both in school and out of school. Technology can bring textbooks to life. The Internet can connect students to their peers in other parts of the world. It can bridge the quality gaps.”
“Right now, with social networks and other tools on the Internet, all of these 500 million people have a way to say what they’re thinking and have their voice be heard.”
“The Internet works because a lot of people cooperate to do things together.”
“Millennials, and the generations that follow, are shaping technology. This generation has grown up with computing in the palm of their hands. They are more socially and globally connected through mobile Internet devices than any prior generation. And they don’t question; they just learn.”
“The Internet is the most important single development in the history of human communication since the invention of call waiting.”
“When tulip mania dies down, all that remains are pretty flowers. When bubbles burst, nothing is left but soapy residue. But the Internet revolution, for all its speculative excesses, really is changing the world.”
“There was a time when people felt the internet was another world, but now people realise it’s a tool that we use in this world.”
“The Internet has given us 10 or 15 new styles of communication: long messages like blogging, and then short messages like texting and tweeting. I see it all as part of an expanding array of linguistic possibilities.”
“Internet is a good and convenient device for us for easy communication. It has lots of value.”
“Information flow is what the Internet is about. Information sharing is power. If you don’t share your ideas, smart people can’t do anything about them, and you’ll remain anonymous and powerless.”
“The Internet: transforming society and shaping the future through chat.”
“Once the Internet removes geography as a constraint, the smartest people go to the most beautiful places.”
“In a single generation, the Internet has given to virtually every person on the face of the earth the ability to communicate with fellow human beings on virtually any topic, at any time, and in every nook and cranny on the globe. This magnificent invention has done this without succumbing to government control.”
“The spread of information technology and the long-term decline in the cost of computing power have created opportunities that simply did not exist before. Airbnb, for example, could not have existed before the Internet.”
“I feel empowered when I create high-quality content on the Internet.”
“People enjoy the interaction on the Internet, and the feeling of belonging to a group that does something interesting: that’s how some software projects are born.”
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