Smart Living Trends and Construction Industry Trends

Smart Living Trends

Smart waste management bins and smart mirror solutions are two popular trends in the smart living industry. A detailed overview of each trend is provided below.

1. Smart Waste Management Bin

  • Many cities globally have started utilizing smart waste management bins that use IoT devices to track the amount of garbage in them.
  • The need to easily schedule pickups of garbage containers before they overflow is driving the trend.
  • One such company at the forefront of the trend is Nordsense. It uses artificial intelligence, IoT devices, and machine learning in its waste management bins enabling cities to optimize routes to reduce traffic congestion, fuel consumption, and prevent garbage containers from overflowing.

2. Smart Mirrors Technology Solution

  • The utilization of smart mirrors by various businesses and households is another one of the best trends in the smart living industry. The trend is multiplying, and presently these mirrors are being used in households, fashion retail stores, automotive, etc.
  • The mirrors use a bunch of technologies, including IoT, to ease various tasks and are benefitting many businesses.
  • Increment in the safety of the riders by using smart mirrors in automotive is one of the drivers of this trend. With the help of smart rearview mirrors, the driver can verify the blind spots and traffic conditions. In the fashion retail stores, the need to provide the customer with a live view of the apparel they are going to purchase without even trying them on is another driver of the trend.
  • H&M, a renowned clothing retail company, is successfully using smart mirrors to wow its customers. The company has installed smart mirrors at their stores that enable customers to take automatic selfies. The mirror uses a combination of facial and voice recognition to communicate with customers.

Research Strategy

For the purpose of this research, we defined the “smart living industry” as the one involving smart, innovative technology solutions to ease the life of people. We searched through various sources, including news journals, magazine articles, and websites targeting trends in the smart living industry. Following the same path, we were able to gather two such trends in the smart living industry listed by Excellent Webworld, one of the top IT firms.

Construction Industry Trends

Increasing utilization of Augmented Reality and drones are two popular trends in the construction industry. A detailed overview of each trend is provided below.

1. Drones in Construction Industry

  • The usage of drones in the construction industry is rapidly increasing, year-on-year at a growth rate of 239% per annum. The construction industry is using drones to rapidly produce valuable aerial thermal images, heat maps and to map large areas over long distances.
  • The ability to minimize the risk of construction equipment theft and reduce labor costs is the main driver of this trend.
  • Several companies are at the forefront of this trend, including Kier and Vinci Construction. These companies are actively using drones as tools on construction sites.

2. Augmented Reality

  • Augmented Reality is being actively utilized in the construction industry to enable automated measuring of buildings, affordable and fast simulations of architectural and structural changes, and 3D modeling of structures and buildings.
  • The ability of Augmented Reality to help construction teams and architects improve designs and rapidly detect design errors is driving this trend.
  • Companies at the forefront of this trend include Anglian Water (UK) and Larsen & Toubro (India). These companies are actively using Augmented Reality for identifying design consistencies in the 3D model, creating virtual reproductions of real-life scenarios to educate the workers about safety more efficiently, and several other tasks.

Research Strategy

To determine some trends in the construction industry, we searched through several news journals, magazine articles, and websites geared towards the construction industry. Following the same path, we were able to gather two pre-compiled lists from BigRentz and Interesting Engineering, presenting various trends within the construction industry and therefore, based on repeated inclusion in said lists, we have listed the aforementioned trends.

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