Top Sites Commissioned for Mass Covid-19 Vaccination in the U.S. - Mass Vaccination Events

The Alamodome Stadium and the Javits Center are among various sites commissioned for mass Covid-19 vaccination. Details regarding the locations of these sites and how they will operate during the mass vaccination are provided below.

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1. Alamodome Stadium

  • Alamodome Stadium located at 100 Montana Street in San Antonio is one of the sites selected to offer free mass Covid-19 vaccinations to San Antonians.
  • The site aims to give 1,500 doses of the Covid-19 vaccine each day and it will operate from Monday through Saturday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
  • In order to be given the vaccine an individual needs an appointment. However only people who qualify for the vaccine under the Phase 1A or 1B categories are eligible to apply for an appointment.
  • The individuals who qualify to apply for an appointment include:
  • An appointment can be made at the City of San Antonio Vaccination Registration portal. However, no appointment slots are open right now and the city will notify the public once it gets more covid-19 vaccines.
  • Only 9,000 slots were available as registration was opened on 9 Jan 2020, and appointments were filled within six minutes of opening the registration process.
  • However, appointments to be vaccinated at the Alamodome were available by phone registration only. Patients are required to call 311 or 833-968-1745 in order to make an appointment.
  • Dan Calderón, vice president of communications and digital media at WellMed Medical Management said that “We had 123,000 calls on the first day, and made appointments for 2,600.”

Operations and Staff Present at Alamodome Stadium

  • Patients are first required to get their temperatures checked before entering the building. Once in the building, they are obligated to fill out a consent form before proceeding to the pharmacy area to get a dose of the Pfizer vaccine.
  • After receiving the dose patients are held in a waiting area for 15 minutes to ensure that they did not get a bad reaction from the vaccine.
  • Lastly, before the patients leave they are given a card with information, including the date they received the vaccine and a code to register for their second dose 21 days from getting their first dose.
  • 18 vaccination stations were set up in the Alamodome stadium.
  • People working in the Alamodome site include the San Antonio Fire Department EMTs, San Antonio Metropolitan Health District workers, and Nurses.
  • The San Antonio Fire Department EMTs and San Antonio Metropolitan Health District workers are there to check the IDs of patients and ensure they have an appointment.
  • Nurses are the ones administering the Covid-19 vaccine at the 18 vaccination stations in Alamodome Stadium.
  • According to George Perez, management analyst at San Antonio Metro Health, the whole vaccination process takes about 45 minutes. That is from the moment the patient enters the parking lot to when they exit.

2. Javits Center

  • Another mass Covid-19 vaccination site is the Javits Center. It is a convention center that is located at 429 11th Avenue in New York.
  • Javits Center is considered one of the largest inoculation locations in New York and can vaccinate 10,000 New Yorkers in a 12-hour period. Additionally, it can vaccinate 25,000 people in a 24-hour period with its current resources if they get an increase in the supply of the doses.
  • The Javits Center will operate 24/7 since it considers the mass vaccination a wartime operation.
  • For a New Yorker to be vaccinated at the center they need an appointment. They can make an appointment at or by calling 877-VAX-4NYC.
  • However, only individuals who are in Phase 1a and segments of Phase 1b are eligible to apply for an appointment to be vaccinated. These individuals include health care workers, people age 65 and over, and public employees.
  • Appointments for the second dose are made at the site. One New Yorker said that it took him around 45 minutes for him to make an appointment for his second shot at the Javits Center.

Operations and Staff Present at Javits Center

  • According to Amny, the National Guard and medical personnel are working at the center.
  • The National Guards are stationed at the center and are helping with crowd control. They help the individuals to the tables where medical personnel are waiting for them with the vaccine.
  • Once an individual is vaccinated they are then ushered into a waiting area where they are held for 15-20 minutes to ensure no adverse reactions occur.
  • According to Smith, a New Yorker who was among the first people to be inoculated on the first day at Javits Center, the process lasts 40 minutes because his appointment started at 8.00 am and ended at 8.40 a.m.

Research Strategy

For both case studies, it is not the mass vaccination sites that contact patients, but it is the patients who are required to make an appointment to be vaccinated either through a website or a phone call. Additionally, both sites did not reveal the number of personnel currently working there. They, however, provided information on the type of personnel present.

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