Top Warehouse Picking Technologies Providing Pick-by-Voice Solutions

Some examples of warehouse picking technologies providing pick-by-voice solutions include Zetes, Voxware, and Lucas. Additional details for the pick-by-voice solution has been provided in the attached spreadsheet.

1. Zetes

  • Zetes helps businesses to improve productivity by 25% to 35% and saves up to 25 minutes of training time per operator.
  • With Zetes, Coca-Cola saves 6 minutes per truck during loading.

2. Voxware

  • With the use of Voxware voice technology, companies have improved productivity by 30%.
  • Voxware voice management suite (VMS) has helped companies to achieve 99.97% picking accuracy and 30% or higher productivity gains. [2]

3. Lucas

  • Lucas has helped companies save seconds per pick, directly improving productivity by 5-10%, depending on the processes.
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