Splish Splash, despite being a local water park, covers a very large area compared to Disney Typhoon Lagoon (mega international water park) and Six Flags Hurricane Harbor (mid-tier water park). Ticket prices and attendance numbers are the highest at Disney Typhoon Lagoon, whereas for Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Splish Splash, they are relatively in the same range.



  • Six Flags Hurricane Harbor is located at 1800 E. Lamar in Arlington, in the heart of the Arlington Entertainment District, an area that also includes Six Flags Over Texas, the Rangers’ Globe Life Park, and the home of the Dallas Cowboys, AT&T Stadium.
  • Size in hectares: 19.02 ha.
  • Annual attendance : 533,000 (2018).
  • Regular ticket prices : Single day tickets: $34.99 ; 2019 Season Pass: $103.99.
  • F&B and merchandise sales : N/A
  • Revenue: N/A


  • Splish Splash is a water park in Long Island, featuring 20 water slides, rides, and attractions, including two wave pools, a large kiddie area, a lazy river, and tropical bird show.
  • Size in hectares: 38.8 ha.
  • Annual attendance : 539,000 (2018).
  • Season pass prices : VIP season pass : $139.99 and Premium season pass: $87.99
  • Weekday general admission: $45.99, Weekend general admission: $48.99; Weekday Sr./Jr. admission: $35.99; Weekend Sr./Jr. admission: $38.99; and Family 4-pack: $148.00.
  • F&B and merchandise sales : N/A
  • Estimated Annual Revenue : N/A


We had to convert the water park’s size from acres to hectares:

  • Disney Typhoon Lagoon: 56 acres = 22.6 ha
  • Six Flags Hurricane Harbor: 47 acres = 19.02 ha
  • Splish Splash: 96 acres = 38.8 ha

We could not find data related to the F&B and merchandise sales, and other revenue and cost metrics for these water parks.
First, we tried to find the data related to the F&B and merchandise sales, and other revenue and cost metrics on the websites of the water parks, specifically their newsrooms. However, there was no helpful information found. Next, we looked for the metrics in news and other articles related to these water parks. We found a source that mentioned these water parks are part of larger stories about their parent companies (Disney and Six Flags), but we did not find the relevant metrics.
We then decided to expand the research to try to see if we could find the revenue, F&B and merchandise sales of the parent companies and then triangulate the data required. We found a source about Six Flags Entertainment Corporation announcing that 2018 represented its ninth consecutive record year as revenue increased $105 million or 8 percent to $1.5 billion. We found another source saying that for the 2018 fiscal year, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts had an operating profit of $4.5 billion, an increase of more than 100 percent from five years earlier. But we did not find any information that would help us triangulate the required metrics.
After exhausting all our research strategies, we concluded that the data on F&B and merchandise sales, and revenue and cost metrics for Disney Typhoon Lagoon, Six Flags Hurricane Harbor, and Splish Splash was not available. Since all the metrics requested were not available, we looked for other water parks where we could find all the metrics, including F&B and merchandise sales and revenue numbers.
Since it seemed relatively easy to find data about the size, the number of visitors and ticket prices, we decided to start by looking for data on the revenue and sales figures of water parks. We were hoping to find parks whose specific revenue and sales figures were published. We found some helpful insights here. According to a January 2019 report titled ‘Water Parks Industry in the US – Market Research Report,’ the annual growth of the industry between 2014-2019 is 7.5%. This report contains a breakdown of the revenue numbers and other metrics for water parks in the US but is hidden behind a paywall.
We found a report on amusement parks, which stated that in 2017, the water rides segment accounted for over 13.0% of the overall revenue owing to 1.2% increase in the number of visitors at water parks across the globe. Another source said that for amusement parks (which includes water parks), admission fees and ticket sales only account for 45% of park revenue in developed countries; the rest comes from food and beverage (F&B) sales and merchandising.
We found that Ocean Park, Hong Kong has annual revenues of $208,387,097 and average revenues of $208,387,09 for the fiscal year 2016. However, Ocean Park turned out to be a theme park with one part of it being a water park.
What we found is that water parks are often physically located inside a larger amusement or theme park. Or that most water parks are part of a larger chain of water or amusement parks. And so the revenue and sales figures available were reflecting the larger picture, rather than what the water park itself generated. So, we shifted our search strategy and started looking for standalone water parks – water parks without any other type of park around them. This led us to a list of the world’s largest indoor water parks, but once again, we found that while the metrics such as size and ticket prices were available for these parks, the revenue and sales figures were not.
As our third strategy, we tried to find a governing body of water parks, to see if we could generate leads, which would lead us to the required information. We found the World Waterparks Association – a worldwide association of water park operators, owners, and suppliers. But going through their website did not give us any promising leads. We also looked at manufacturers of equipment for water parks, to see if they had put out any reports that could provide us any useful information, but this also was a dead end. After exhausting all our research strategies, we concluded that there were no water parks for which we could find all the requested metrics.

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