Wearable Tech: March, 2021

The main trend in the wearable technology for industrial connected workers space is the focus on developing new wearables to monitor productivity and increase safety for workers. Three examples of this trend announced during December 2020 are the FUSE wearable sensor and new partnerships between Guardhat and Caterpillar, and Petrofac and Intoware, to develop their own connected worker wearables.

Monitored Worker for Safety Trend


  • Strongarm Technologies thinks that workers should be considered Industrial Athletes and, as such, companies should be aware of the physical condition, safety, and body reactions to protect them. For this reason, they created the FUSE wearable sensor.
  • The company realized that industry workers are often exposed to injuries, causing manufacturing downtime for the lack of safety.
  • FUSE is an IIoT monitoring device that predicts employee injuries, overexertion, and maintenance by collecting data from connected workers and equipment. The product can alert them when an injury is possible, to walk, stretch, or take a break to reduce overexertion and injuries.
  • FUSE is one of the first initiatives to fight COVID-19 in the industrial environment by alerting workers when they are getting close to others and reminding them to maintain their distance.
  • Strongarm’s data indicated that this feature reduced the risk of COVID-19 by 95% on early adopting companies.


Caterpillar and Guardhat Partnership

  • Guardhat and Caterpillar announced a new partnership to create a wearable device to increase surface mining security for workers.
  • The two companies will combine Guardhat’s line of smart tags, hard hats, and wearables and create the Cat Connected Worker system, which will allow Cat dealers around the world to protect its mining personnel by delivering monitoring and mapping of the mining environment.
  • The company expects that this will speed up development by increasing safety and providing better insight to managers and operators of any incident and challenge.
  • The intelligent system will integrate software and wearable technology to alert, detect, and prevent industrial work-related incidents, increase productivity, monitor the precise location of the workers, create communication, and allow control centers to understand the environment the workers face.

WorkfloPlus Oil and Gas

  • Petrofac and Intoware announced a new partnership to develop WorfloPlus Oil and Gas, a combination of their workflow automation software with wearable technology to monitor worker activity and maintenance in the oil and gas industry.
  • The product will combine Connected Worker and Digital Twin technologies to allow Petrofac’s clients to generate digital workflows, reports, schedules, processes mapping, instructions, and monitor the activity time of its wearers, increasing productivity by 200%.
  • WorfloPlus Oil and Gas will be available to use in all sectors of manufacturing thanks to its integration capability with Computer Maintenance Management Systems.
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