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The Nymi Workplace Wearable Wristband is a new product launched in the connected worker market. In industry news, the Sarcos Guardian XO Exoskeleton was named as a finalist in the Fast Company 2020 Innovation by Design Awards, and Canaria Technologies signed an agreement with Macarthur Minerals to test its Predictive Biometric Systems in the Macarthur mining facility in Western Australia. Additional information regarding a market sizing for the connected worker market, a wearable tech solution to improve worker productivity in the poultry processing market, a next generation smart glasses with both consumer and enterprise applicability, and industry trends are presented in the report below.


  • The connected worker market is comprised of smart glasses, smart headgear, hearing protection devices, protective textiles, and mobile devices for use in the manufacturing, mining, oil and gas, and construction industries, among others.
  • The global market size was estimated at $2.8 billion in 2019 with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 19.9%.
  • In the US, the market is estimated to be valued at $2.46 billion by 2026.

Products & Services

Nymi Workplace Wearable Wristband

  • Nymi launched the Version 3.0 workplace wearable wristband on 14 September 2020.
  • Password-less technology with applications monitoring the health, safety, and security of the connected worker, is now incorporated into this version of an already existing product.
  • Heart rhythms and fingerprint are used to bind the product to the user, while On-Body-Detection (OBD) checks that the device is on the intended user, and that the user is present. The users identity is proven from the use of cryptography.
  • The device has a long battery life and can be cleaned for use in secure environments.
  • Nymi Version 3.0 Workplace Wearable Wristband
  • Designed for use by engineers, technicians, and other active workers, the device can be used in industries such as the manufacturing of medical equipment, pharmaceutical and device manufacturing, chemicals, industrial manufacturing, and building manufacturing.

Sarcos Robotics — Finalist in Guardian XO Full-Body Industrial Exoskeleton

  • The Guardian XO industrial skeleton was named a finalist in the Product category of Fast Company’s 2020 Innovation by Design Awards. It also received an honorable mention in the General Excellence category.
  • The Guardian XO robot is a battery powered full body industrial robot that is used to increase strength and endurance. It can lift up to 200 pounds and amplifies operator strength by a factor of 20x.
  • This exoskeleton is applicable for use in the aviation, defense, construction, oil and gas, manufacturing, and warehousing industries, among others.

New Technologies

  • Vuzix Corporation is developing a next generation product line of smart glasses to be released in 2021, to be offered to both individual and enterprise consumers at commensurate prices.
  • The smart glasses is powered by micro-LED technology and feature binocular displays, advanced wave guide optics, a larger field of view, noise canceling microphones, and stereo acoustic speakers for which the company has a patent pending.
  • There will also be an option for LTE integration to be added to built in WiFi and Bluetooth technology powered by a CPU running Android. Third-party applications will also be supported.
  • Vuzix Next Generation Smart Glasses


1. More Industrial Exoskeletons.

  • Companies that either produce or distribute industrial exoskeletons has increased by 350% between 2015 and 2020.
  • In 2015, there were 16 companies engaged in the design and production of industrial exoskeletons. This increased to 16 in 2016, and by 2020, there were 56 companies involved in its design or production.
  • An “industrial exoskeleton” is a device designed to augment workers involved in performing specific, repetitive tasks.

2. Increased Demand for Connected Worker Solutions

  • Demand for connected worker solutions has increased during the COVID-19 pandemic as firms are using the technology for workplace tracking and remote assistance.
  • Growth rates for solutions range between 30% to 200%.

3. Increased use of Augmented Reality

  • Augmented reality can be used to improve efficiency in warehouses from providing information on inventory, location, and specification for products in warehouses as a worker walks in the storage facility.
  • It can also be applied to speed up on boarding for new employees, provide best practice reminders in real time to workers, and improve collaboration between workers.


Mining — Predictive Biometric Systems

  • Canaria Technologies signed an agreement with Macarthur Minerals to introduce, and test for the potential application of its Biometrics Safety System at the Lake Giles Iron Project operated by Macarthur Minerals in Western Australia.
  • Predictive Biometric Systems combines live and historical data about a user’s vital signs and body with artificial intelligence (AI) to predict incidents arising from medical conditions in the user or from safety-based issues.
  • The data is paired with medical hardware in a device that measures breathing, temperature, heart rate, movement, and physical distress.

Poultry Processing — Attachable Wearables

  • Wearables that attach to gloves to improve turnover, workforce related injuries, and low engagement and visibility impacting on worker productivity and performance in the poultry industry will be the subject of a talk at the Virtual Poultry Tech Summit to be held between 20–22 October 2020.
  • When the wearable is attached to gloves, it produces insights to help improve labor productivity and effectiveness when hand and arm motions are digitized. Wearables in Poultry Processing
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Latest Developments in Wearable Technology for the Connected Worker Space

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