What are the Best Platforms for Finding Freelance Journalists?

There are numerous platforms that offer candidate connections to employers. Below is a list of platforms, that either focus specifically on journalists or allow employers to find journalists through their search function and/or lists.

1. Society of Professional Journalists

2. Guru

  • Guru is a freelance marketplace where freelancers can look for work and employers can look for talent.
  • Candidates can be contacted directly to get a quote for their pay rates.

3. Paydesk

4. Journalism.co.uk

5. Pitchwhiz

  • Pitchwhiz is a platform that connects freelance journalists with editors and publications around the world.
  • The platform asks editors and freelancers to sign up and then connects them to each other.
  • Further details including pay rates and contact details about each candidate can be found after signing up.

6. HackPack

7. Fiverr

  • Fiverr is another freelance marketplace where freelancers can look for work and employers can look for talent.
  • Employers can view candidate profiles and find tentative rates there.
  • Candidates can also be contacted to get a quote for a given project.

8. LinkedIn Profinder

  • LinkedIn Profinder is a search tool that allows employers to find the required talent by category and location.
  • Employers can request a quote directly with a dedicated “Request a quote” button.

9. Scripted

10. ProBlogger

11. Working Not Working

12. ZipRecruiter

13. MediaBistro

14. Indeed

15. Journalism Jobs

Research Strategy

We started our research by finding platforms that offer employers the ability to find freelance journalists. Many platforms are specifically focused on journalists, while there are others that allow finding journalists and people with other specialties. We have curated a list of 15 platforms that allow recruiters to find and reach out to freelance journalists. Many of these platforms allow employers to browse lists and contact candidates directly, while others require signing up for the platform to access certain features. All the platforms are worldwide and can be used to find candidates in a given location.

Glenn is the Lead Operations Research Analyst at The Digital Momentum with experience in research, statistical data analysis and interview techniques. A holder of degree in Economics. A true specialist in quantitative and qualitative research.

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