What are the Best Social Distancing Management Products?

Ten leading companies that provide social distancing management products are Blackline Safety, Estimote, Proxxi, Rombit, Nymi, Equivital, Software AG, Locilabs, Iterate Labs, and Kinetic. An overview of the products they offer is provided below.

1. Blackline Safety

  • Blackline Safety offers automated industrial contact tracing and close contact detection solutions that help workers keep a safe distance from each other.
  • The brand’s G7 safety wearables provide a real-time on-screen notification (light and vibration) when users enter close proximity with each other.
  • To complement the wearable devices, the company offers a Close Contact Detection feature that helps to identify and address locations where employees work in close and unsafe proximity to one another. If an employee presents symptoms or tests positive for the COVID-19 virus, the Close Contact Report and History View Report can be “used to retrace the individual’s steps” and detect if a probably infected employee had contact with other coworkers and identify workers “who may need to self-isolate.”
  • The G7 safety wearables and the Blackline Connect app, employee location data streams directly to the Blackline Safety Cloud. Blackline Analytics software facilitates investigations and decision-making.

2. Estimote

  • Estimote offers a tracing wearable that helps trace workers’ contact and measure social distancing effectiveness.
  • The tracing wearables help notify all exposed team members through a contact tracing dashboard. This product’s features include anonymously stored interactions, social distancing effectiveness statistics, real-time reporting of health status, and a secure database. Also, these devices can be “re-programmed to act as panic buttons or asset trackers.”
  • Typical use cases for Estimote’s products include industrial workspaces.

3. Proxxi

  • Proxxi offers a wrist wearable named Contact that helps workers keep a safe distance from one another.
  • Contact vibrates to notify the person that another user is within 6 feet as a reminder to maintain social distance. “It is deployed to all personnel at a job site or workplace to help mitigate the risk of an outbreak. “
  • If a worker has a positive COVID-19 diagnosis, Proxxi Contact’s reporting provides detailed data to trace which workers need testing and/or quarantine.
  • The Contact system comprises the Contact wrist band, a mobile app, and a dashboard.
  • Proxxi’s Contact solution targets manufacturers.

4. Rombit

  • Rombit offers Romware Radius, a wearable bracelet that helps workers practice social distancing and provides data for contact tracing.
  • Romware Radius provides visual and vibrating notifications to employees when they are in proximity to each other. In addition, these bracelets allow companies to identify high-risk contacts. When an employee is infected, the system can identify the workers that have at a close distance from the employee “during the previous two weeks.”
  • Rombit’s wearables are made to resist daily industrial use.

5. Nymi

  • Nymi offers the Nymi Band, a wearable device that helps workers practice social distancing and provides data for contact tracing.
  • The Nymi Band The Nymi Band uses individuals’ “unique fingerprint and heart rhythm to bind the user to the band.” The device uses a location sensing function that determines the proximity to other bands and gives notification alerts to users when they are too close to each other. For contact tracing, Nymi services help to understand and assess the spread of a specific disease.
  • The mobile app offers users “full control over their identity and privacy.”
  • The solution provides seamless integration into Windows and other systems. It targets the manufacturing, service, defense, and healthcare industries.

6. Equivital

  • Equivital offers eqWave, a social distancing and contact tracing device for workers.
  • eqWave offers 360-degree, centimeter-precise measurements between people. It vibrates and creates a visual alert when users are close to each other. The device is compatible with other protective equipment and is weatherproofed.
  • The Kiosk Android app downloads data from the eqWave device by scanning the QR code located at the back.
  • eqWave applications include nuclear, retail, construction, factory, offices, military, healthcare, and government workspaces.

7. Software AG

  • Software AG offers smart social distancing badges to enhance social distancing in the workplace.
  • The badges alert the anonymous user when the limit of safe social distancing is approached. If the user spends over 15 seconds inside the social distance limit, “an ‘incident’ is recorded.” This company’s solution only registers proximity, not location.
  • The badges interact with beacons that are placed across the workplace the Cumulocity IoT platform processes all the information.
  • Beta tests of the product were done in food production and process manufacturing facilities.

8. Locilabs

  • Locilabs offers SafeSpace, wearable devices that help workers practice social distancing and provide contact tracing data.
  • The product anonymously detects a user’s “proximity, frequency, and dwell time to our other devices.” Information on each device can then be accessed through the SafeSpace Cloud Dashboard which provides contact tracing data.
  • The system uses “Ultra Wide Band (UWB) radio technology to record contact interactions within the nearest 10cm.” If one employee tests positive or is at high-risk, the SafeSpace intuitive dashboard identifies other users at risk based on “proximity distance, frequency of interaction, and dwell time around the person of concern.
  • The system also has a co-operative mode for workspace bubbles of users that cannot adhere to social distancing measures due to the nature of their jobs. With this mode, devices that are inside the work bubble raise an alarm when a device that is outside is approaching.
  • The system targets healthcare, retail, construction, and warehouse workspaces.

9. Iterate Labs

  • Iterate Labs offers COVID-Safe, a system to enforce social distancing and provide contact tracing.
  • This system works through Delta-0 wearables, available for belt, wrist, or lanyard, which provide social distancing alerts (sound and vibration) when a user is approaching the social distance limit.
  • COVID-Safe also provides social distance and contact tracing reports. Contact tracing helps to identify users that have been exposed to a disease.
  • The system targets industry facilities.

10. Kinetic

  • Kinetic offers the Reflex system, a wearable device and software that help ensure a safe distance between workers and provides contact tracing.
  • The wearable device notifies with vibration to warn workers “when they come within six feet of each other.” A display lets workers monitor other users in the area in real-time to reduce daily interactions.
  • The system has shown “an average of 84% reduction in close contacts” in workspaces.
  • Along with a software platform, the wearable device helps to record every contact to identify potential risks. Reports provide easy-to-analyze formats to recognize risks and quickly respond to reduce or stop virus transmission. The dashboard displays the number of contacts that a specif person had, who were the contacts, the duration of the contact, and the segment of the workforce the person belongs to.
  • The system targets the industry sector.
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