What are the Biggest Vehicle Ownership Frustrations?

While most car owners are happy and would purchase their vehicle again, consumer surveys show that there are some people who are frustrated with their ownership experience. Through an exhaustive search of industry reports, press releases, survey results and automotive-related blogs, three common pain points for US consumers related to owning a vehicle were identified — poor car servicing experiences, distracting new car technologies and high costs of maintenance and fuel.

In this other post, you will discover the Biggest Frustrations for New Car Buyers. Also, feel free to check out Best and Worst Cars going into 2021.

1. Poor Car Servicing Experience

What are the Biggest Vehicle Ownership Frustrations?

2. New Car Technologies and Lack of Training

3. High Ownership Costs

4. Finding Parking

5. Car Accidents

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What are the Biggest Frustrations for New Car Buyers?

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