What are the Most Popular Content Consumed by American Children Amid the Pandemic?

YouTube, Netflix, the Disney Channel, TikTok, Instagram, Roblox, Minecraft, Six Minutes and Molly of Denali are some of the most popular content consumed by American children amid the pandemic. Data regarding how these preferences may vary by gender, location, ethnicity or other demographic factors was not publicly available.

TV / Video


  • YouTube was selected as the most popular form of television or video content consumed by American kids based on the fact that YouTube is not only the most popular video app among this cohort (with 69% of US children using it), but has nearly doubled in usage during the pandemic, as detailed below.


YouTube Channels


  • Similarly, Netflix was identified as one of the most popular forms of television or video content consumed by US children based on its identification of the second-most-popular platform and app among this cohort by ParentsTogether.
  • Additionally, Netflix was ranked as the most used streaming service among American kids between the ages of 6 and 12 years old within a March 2020 survey by SuperAwesome.
  • Meanwhile, the television and movie streaming service is regularly highlighted by lifestyle media (e.g., Variety, Timeout) and family-oriented publications (e.g., Fatherly, CountryLiving) for its wide variety of kids and family content.

Disney Channel

  • Lastly, the Disney Channel was chosen as another preferred content brand for US kids amid the pandemic based on March 2020 reporting by Digiday that the television network’s viewership had increased 43% amid the pandemic.
  • Moreover, Disney’s Disney+ was highlighted as a top content brand among children within the March 2020 survey by SuperAwesome.
  • Unlike YouTube or Netflix, the Disney Channel and Disney+ are a cable network and streaming service, respectively, that specialize in the distribution of kid and family content.

Social Media


  • TikTok was selected as the most popular social media platform during the pandemic among American children based on June 2020 data from TechCrunch, which found that US kids spent more time on TikTok than any other form of social media, and that usage of the platform increased from 82 minutes to 95 minutes per day during the pandemic.

Social AppsSource

  • Additionally, April 2020 reporting by ParentsTogether highlighted TikTok as the third-most-prominent platform or app among this cohort, after YouTube and Netflix.
  • Meanwhile, FastCompany reported in September 2020 that TikTok and its 3 to 60-second videos remain a favorite among kids amid the coronavirus outbreak due to the social media platform’s “short, digestible” video posts and operation through phones.


  • Meanwhile, Instagram was also chosen as a current, leading social media platform among US kids based on its ranking as one of the top three social media outlets during the pandemic for this group, as well as its 20% increase in usage among American children since the start of the pandemic.
  • In a fashion similar to TikTok, Instagram is popular for its simplicity, wherein kids can quickly take a picture, add enhancements, include a caption and then share the content with their network.



  • Roblox was identified as one of the most popular gaming options among US children at present based on reporting by TechCrunch that the online game is currently “dominating” in the US with 54% of kids playing amid the pandemic.
  • Moreover, playtime among American kids has increased by 31% for the game since the start of the coronavirus outbreak.


  • Meanwhile, Roblox is both an online game platform as well as a game creation system, that enables children to program and play games.


  • Minecraft was similarly selected as a top form of content among US kids during COVID-19 based on the fact that it is currently being used by 31% of children in the country.
  • In a fashion similar to Roblox, Minecraft is another online gaming platform and community which allows users to play for free.


Six Minutes

  • Finally, Six Minutes was chosen as one of the most popular podcasts among American children during the pandemic, given that this kids-oriented podcast saw a 70% increase in downloads after the start of the coronavirus outbreak, according to Inside Radio.
  • Specifically, Six Minutes is a Gen X Media podcast that features 6-minute episodes that share the adventures of 11-year-old Holiday.

Molly of Denali

  • Similarly, Molly of Denali was selected based on its 60% increase in downloads during the COVID-19 pandemic, making it another of the most popular kids podcasts since the start of the outbreak.
  • Meanwhile, Molly of Denali is a children’s podcast hosted by PBS Kids that features the popular characters from the famous television show.
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