What are the Values and Needs of a Hard Kombucha Beverage Consumer?

Health-conscious alcohol consumers are more likely to be sports fans motivated by losing weight and feeling better and have hobbies such as gardening and dancing.


  • According to Digital Momentum, health-conscious alcohol consumers opt for healthier lifestyles to avoid health problems. They want to ” maintain energy levels that keep up with their active lifestyles, and to keep their weight at manageable levels.”
  • Motivations for health-conscious alcohol consumers include “losing weight, feeling better, increasing their energy levels, and protecting their health from potential/future health conditions.”
  • According to the 2018 Food and Health Survey Report by Food Insight, 52% of respondents aged between 50 and 64 years, and 47% of respondents aged over 65 years old indicated that they “followed a new eating pattern in an effort to protect long-term health.”
  • According to the report, “56% of non-Hispanic whites tried a new eating pattern in order to lose weight.”

Purchase Habits

  • According to Bold Business, thoughtful consideration of the product drives the purchase habits of health-conscious consumers. They make choices “based on ethical criteria.
  • Health-conscious consumers seek products that address sustainability and health concerns. “They ask questions about how a product is made, as well as where and under what conditions.
  • Health-conscious consumers’ preference for sustainable practices is more likely to influence their restaurant choices.
  • According to Naple Illustrated, millennial health-conscious drinkers “tend to restrict their drinking to social situations” and ” are generally fussier about quality choices.


  • According to The Digital Momentum, alcohol consumers are “more likely to be sports fans.” They may like participating in sports or watching.
  • Hobbies enjoyed by health-conscious individuals include gardening, dancing, music, and sports-related activities.
  • According to a survey done by Nielsen and The Harris Poll, “80% of the people who drink craft beer describe themselves as being health-conscious and are interested in striking a balance between regular alcohol consumption and routine exercise.”


  • According to The Digital Momentum, the health-conscious alcohol consumer is more likely to “take a holistic approach to health and live a balanced life overall.”
  • The young health-conscious alcohol consumers are likely to prefer to live in the moment and may want to “experience all that life has to offer.”

Glenn is the Lead Operations Research Analyst at The Digital Momentum with experience in research, statistical data analysis and interview techniques. A holder of degree in Economics. A true specialist in quantitative and qualitative research.

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