Which are the Top Foreign Language/Cultural Market Research Organizations in the World?

Two of the top foreign language/cultural market research organizations in the world based on total revenue earned are TransPerfect and Lionbridge. Each of these organizations offers a very wide array of services, including and expanding beyond market research but all focused on foreign language and cultural services. For each company, we have provided a brief overview of the business history and setup, followed by a complete list of all services offered. Services related specifically to foreign language and cultural market research have been mentioned with greater detail. The respective revenues that defined each company as a top competitor are also provided.

1. TransPerfect

  • TransPerfect was founded in 1992 as a high quality language services business that would offer worldwide services for quick project turnaround. The company has been recognized for setting the industry standard for linguist certifications, and their Linguist Certification (TLC) program is used by other businesses to test language proficiency and subject-area knowledge.
  • In 2020 thus far, TransPerfect won the “Best Machine Translation Solution” award from the AI Breakthrough Awards. Other notable awards received by TransPerfect include being named the Enterprise Company of the Year in 2019, #1 Data Recovery Solution Provider, and multiple Stevie Awards. The complete list of accolades is much more extensive and can be reviewed here.
  • There are more than 5,000 employees working for TransPerfect in over 90 offices globally, completing more than 300,000 project per year. The company is certified to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 17100:2015. TransPerfect had an annual revenue of $615 million in 2018, making them the largest competitor in terms of revenue.
  • The complete list of services offered by TransPerfect are as follows:
    • Translation — TransPerfect offers translation services from more than 170 languages. They also offer specialized translation management technology that can streamline projects that require translation throughout.
    • Website Localization
    • Multicultural Marketing — TransPerfect uses an “agency-style approach” that includes consulting, brand discussions, sampling and focus groups, and graphic services to best understand and reach target audiences. TransPerfect will work to create adaptive back translations, taglines, and media among other things. The company can even assist with helping other brands produce an image to portray their multi-cultural messaging more effectively.
    • Recruiting & Staffing
    • Media Solutions
    • AI Data Solutions
    • Language & Cultural Training
    • Interpretation
    • Call Center Support
    • Software Localization & Testing
    • Training & E-Learning
    • Legal Support Services
    • Globalization Management
    • Website Localization
    • Content Authoring & XML
    • CMS Integration
    • Secure File Hosting
    • E-Clinical
    • Machine Translation — TransPerfect has created their own software, GlobalLink AI, that can quickly translate mass volumes of text in short periods of time. This technology can work hand-in-hand with their human translation to perfect document prior to publishing, as well.
    • Translator Tools
  • The primary industries serviced by TransPerfect include:
    • Retail & E-Commerce
    • Life Sciences
    • Legal
    • Media & Entertainment
    • Finance
    • Advertising, Marketing, PR
    • Industrial & Manufacturing
    • Travel & Hospitality
    • Gaming
    • Hardware, Software, Technology

2. Lionbridge

  • Lionbridge has been around for 20 years in the multi-lingual and cultural market. The company supports more than 350 languages through over 500,000 employees in 50+ countries and 5,000 cities globally.
  • Lionbridge maintains more than 2,100 customers submitting over 4,000 projects on a daily basis. To date, they have translated over 3.5 billion units. Lionbridge had an annual revenue of $598 million in 2018, making it the second largest competitor.
  • The content services offered by Lionbridge include:
    • Technical Writing
    • Training and eLearning
    • CAD and 3D Modeling and Media
    • Financial Reports — Lionbridge can help businesses craft their annual or financial reports in specific languages, or even have others translate them for publication purposes.
    • Marketing Documents
    • Web Content
    • Scientific Articles
    • Writing Services — Multi-lingual writing services offered by Lionbridge include specialist articles, product information, web copies, user documentation, news letters/press releases, case studies, financial reporting, investor relations, and market reports.
    • Multilingual Digital Campaigns
    • Multilingual Website Optimization
  • The translation services offered by Lionbridge include:
    • Clinical Trial Translations
    • Drug Labeling and Validation
    • Medical Devices Translation
    • ECOA
    • Financial Reports
    • Certified Translation
    • On-Site Staffing
    • E-Discovery Support
    • Document Production
    • Transcription
    • Website Localization
    • Document Translation
    • Software, App, and Device Localization
    • Multimedia Localization
    • Terminology
    • Transcreation
    • Over-the-Phone Interpretation (OPI) — Lionbridge can offer real-time translation services with foreign language clients to help manage effective international communications and reduce company costs.
    • Real-Time Chat
    • Proofreading
    • Linguistic Editing — Lionbridge can ensure that translations match the intended content of original works, are error-free, and culturally correct.
    • Narrative Design
    • Storyboarding
    • Linguist Testing
    • Multilingual Digital Campaigns
    • Multilingual Website Opimization
    • Visual Adaptation
    • Global Player Support
  • The testing services offered by Lionbridge include:
    • Functional Testing
    • Localization QA Testing
    • Regression and Maintenance Testing
    • UX Testing
    • Product Planning
    • Product Development
    • QA Testing
    • Maintanence
    • Global Mobility Testing
    • Compatibility and Interoperability Testing
    • Accessibility Testing
  • The AI services offered by Lionbridge include:
    • Demographic Participation Recruitment
    • Logistics and Custom Sites
    • Aggregation and Insights
    • Client and Procured Devices
    • Linguistic Feature Tagging
    • Gesture and Expression Labeling
    • Image and Video Captioning
    • Content Moderation
    • NLP Components and Grammar Creation
    • Sentiment Analysis and Entity Detection
    • Feature and Component Testing
    • Chatbot Development
    • Social Media Listening
    • Semantic Search
    • Relevance, Validation, and Judgments
    • Onsite, Nearsite, Remote, In-Country, Crowd Staffing
    • Raters, Reviewers, Annotators Staffing
    • Computational Linguists
    • Phoneticians

Research Strategy

We were able to identify the above organizations as being the top providers of multi-lingual and cultural market research services based on a study published by Nimdzi. This research report analyzed and compiled information on language service providers (LSPs) from around the world with more than $10 million in revenue. An LSP was defined by Nimdzi as a company that offered services including but not limited to translation, copywriting, technical writing, interpreting, cultural consulting, and DTP, among others. From there, global businesses that met these requirements were ranked based on their revenue in $USD. These rankings were used to identify the top contenders, and from there, the business’ respective company websites, annual reports, and the like were used to compile an overview of their offerings. For additional verification purposes, we also located alternative rankings of primary multi-lingual and cultural market research organizations. These alternative sources mentioned the same companies listed in the Nimdzi report, confirming our rankings of top.

Glenn is the Lead Operations Research Analyst at The Digital Momentum with experience in research, statistical data analysis and interview techniques. A holder of degree in Economics. A true specialist in quantitative and qualitative research.

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